15 European Energy Infrastructure Projects Receive Funding

Funding has been given to support the upgrade and development of Europe’s energy and transmission infrastructure.
Published: Tue 19 May 2015

The first 15 of 34 priority energy infrastructure projects in Europe have received funding from the EU’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA).

The 34 projects are among the first list of 248 Projects of Common Interest, which contribute to market integration of at least two European member states. These projects were selected to receive a total of €647 million from the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility in a 2014 call for proposals. [Engerati-Europe’s Supergrid Gets €734m Boost] Their aim is to upgrade existing energy infrastructure and develop new energy transmission infrastructure of crucial importance to Europe's energy security. They will also support the deployment of large-scale renewable energy.

Priority electricity projects

The funding covers studies and other works for the following projects:

• Integration of a large scale generating unit into the Baltic states' (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) power system operating synchronously with the continental Europe networks

• New 400kV lines between Dobrudja and Burgas, Maritsa East and Burgas, Maritsa East and Maritsa East 3 and Maritsa East and Plovdiv in Bulgaria, to increase the capacity between Bulgaria and Romania and Greece

• New 400kV/1,500MW capacity interconnection capacity between Maritsa East in Bulgaria and Nea Santa in Greece, with an aim to integrate renewable energy sources into the electricity grid

• Upgrading of a pumped storage hydro scheme at Amfilochia in Greece

• Increasing the production potential of a pumped storage hydro scheme at Yadenitsa in Bulgaria

• New 400 kV line between Vernerov and Vitkov and substations at Vernerov and Vitkov in the Czech Republic to increase capacity at the north-western and southern borders

• New ‘EuroAsia’ 400kV/2,000MW interconnector between Hadera in Israel and Cyprus and Crete to the Attica region of Greece

• New ‘ElecLink’ 400kV/1,000MW interconnector through the Channel Tunnel between Coquelles in France and Folkestone in UK – one of several interconnectors under way to connect UK with continental Europe. [Engerati-UK Proposes Three New Continental Interconnectors]

Priority gas projects

• New pipeline interconnection between Turkey and Bulgaria

• New Aegean liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal in the Bay of Kavala, including an offshore LNG floating storage and regasification unit and associated infrastructure to connect to Greece’s natural gas transmission system

• Construction of a first onshore LNG terminal on Krk island in Croatia.

The next grants to be allocated to energy projects under the CEF will be selected under the latest call for proposals which closed on 29 April 2015.

Further reading

EC: Projects of Common Interest (2013)