About Us

YOUR SMART ENERGY NETWORK With 40,000+ engaged members, Engerati is Europe’s largest engaged community of utilities and power sector professionals. Through our media, MEETS and intelligence offerings, we support the energy transition by helping utilities better adopt new technologies.


Why are we here?

With technology evolving, the energy and utilities market is facing mass digital disruption. This has created complex challenges and opportunities across the sector, with new value chain solutions and a growing number of industry players. Moving beyond buzzwords, headlines and trade shows, there is a need for industry intelligence, networking and analysis for energy professionals.

What do we do?

We are dedicated to helping utilities better adopt new technology and facilitate this transition. With 40,000+ engaged members and 80,000+ newsletter subscribers, Engerati is Europe’s largest engaged community of utilities and power sector professionals. For clients, the digital platform and new live events series provides a content marketing and lead generation service to exploit new business opportunities that industry disruption has created. For members, it provides new industry connections, must-know information and an understanding of how new technologies can help their business.

How we do it?

We have a client-centric, outcome based approach, geared towards maximising your ROI. Responding to the needs of the modern marketeer, our intelligent platform and use of modern technology such as artificial intelligence, allows for measurable metrics, detailed ongoing analysis and guaranteed leads to help grow your business.

Topics we cover:

Supporting the next-generation utility. Electrification, decentralisation and digitisation are transforming traditional business models, blurring value-chain relationships and shifting regulatory landscapes.

Technological innovations and new industry solutions have the potential to improve services, ensure greater reliability and security, enhance environmental sustainability and provide greater asset utilisation. The impact of this unprecedented change will be felt across the full breadth of the sector and Engerati supports the next-generation utility by ensuring all the key topics are covered across our digital, print and events portfolio

Adam Malik
Adam Malik, CEO & Founder
Dan Loosemore
Dan Loosemore, Managing Director & CCO
Rose Bundock
Rose Bundock, Head of Commercial Editorial
Robert Marten
Robert Marten, Head of Independent Content
Jonathan Spencer Jones
Jonathan Spencer Jones, Content Analyst
Tatyana Sychova
Tatyana Sychova, Head of Digital
Peter Fox
Peter Fox, Marketing Manager
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Nina Bernard, Marketing Manager
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Theresa Mathias, Operations Manager
Christopher Andersson
Christopher Andersson, CTO
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Paul Roach, Head of Online Acquisition