Interoperability: The key to consumer choice for European prosumers

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Thu, 2017-09-21 14:00 UTC
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In order to create a low-carbon society conforming with COP21Paris Summit and to create storage by balancing all energy forms versus each other, Norwegian demand response company XTN Group Holding has developed the XTN system during the past six years.

The data hub aims to change the current value chain in the energy industry from today's 'producer to consumer' with a new value chain 'consumer to producer' ie. empowering consumers by digitalisation, where consumers criteria for buying energy is based on individual consumer values in addition to prize, executed by consumer choice of energy form by interoperability in the energy mix.

Interoperability is the key functionality to make consumer choice happen.

In this webinar, co-sponsored by European Utility Week's Energy Revolution Europe, you will hear how XTN Hub is the only datahub in the world that can make consumer choice happen in the next five years and as such will function as the refinery on the electricity side which makes 'refinery economics' possible for a combined electricity and petroleum business – ie. optimising the owner's profit in between consumers and producers.

This will balance the electricity grid with any of the other energy forms at household site, particularly gas, preventing negative prices and fall in credit ratings.

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