InnoEnergy is looking to support innovative solutions in sustainable energy

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Fri, 2016-01-29 12:00 UTC
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Webinar Agenda

Achieving a sustainable energy future for Europe is a big challenge - Innovation is the answer.

InnoEnergy is the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe and they are now set to launch the next Call for Innovation Proposals to help propel new innovations in the field.

This Call for Innovation Proposals helps to address the challenges that many innovators face in bringing their concepts to market and shorten the journey from lab to launch. Crucially it provides the investment, as well as partnerships and commercial skills, that are so often lacking and without which many concepts would never make it off the drawing board.

The second 2016 Call is now open and is encouraging applications relating to innovation in InnoEnergy’s Thematic Fields:

  • Clean coal and gas technologies
  • Energy storage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy from chemical fuels
  • Renewable energies
  • Smart and efficient buildings and cities
  • Smart electric grid
  • Sustainable nuclear and renewable convergence

For more information on how to get involved, register now and hear directly from KIC InnoEnergy about how best to do so.

For a preview, please watch the video below;

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whom do we have to contact to submit a proposal?

chris matthys's picture
chris matthys
Hi Chris, If you have registered for the webinar, KIC will give you all of the information directly. I will also send you the details of the person who you can contact before that. Best, Katie
Katie Dicker's picture
Katie Dicker

Dear Chris, if you would like to submit a prporal, please login to our website here and you will be emailed account details for proposal submission: We look forward to answering any questions in our Webinar.

Best wishes


Kayla Morgan's picture
Kayla Morgan

Dear Ms Dicker,

could you please share the link where I can submit the proposal!

The minimum requirements and a basic template for the submission of the proposal..!!



Ayush Chandel's picture
Ayush Chandel

Dear Ayush


The link for proposal submission can be found here:


Best wishes


Kayla Morgan's picture
Kayla Morgan

Projet to submit to KIC InnoEnergy request for proposals.

michel LENOEL's picture
michel LENOEL

I have a proposal for the production of high quantities of cheap and totally environmentally safe energy. It  employs well proven and relatively simple technologies. My question is, how can I protect the idea prior to presenting it for your consideration ? I am a retired 72 year old Chartered Engineer with a wide range of experience but with limited finances. Obtaining a patent would appear to be the obviouse answer but this comes at substantial cost and takes a significant length of time.

Peter Young's picture
Peter Young

Dear Peter,


You can present it confidentially to KIC InnoEnergy, if you are selected onto one of our programmes we will help you with patents.


Please take a look at our website to find out more about how we support innovative ideas in enegry:


Best wishes


Kayla Morgan's picture
Kayla Morgan

This is not a the answer but it can help make it copyright by part like sculture

I know it sound stupid and you have experience in the field but look this infinite energy with no reverse spin one direccion please at least try

Justin Leon's picture
Justin Leon

Were do we find the application guideline?

rodica david's picture
rodica david

Application details can be found here:

Please register to recieve log in details so that you are able to submit an application.



Kayla Morgan's picture
Kayla Morgan

 The Webinar last week did not make it clear to us that a consortium of at least three, but no more than seven, European partners from both the research and industry sectors were needed. We have no partners - could KIC InnoEnergy provide a ‘matchmaking service’ to help us find suitable consortia members? 

llinos lanini's picture
llinos lanini

An university from Romania is eligible for a research project in energy field?
Were do we find the eligibility criteria and the local contribution percentage?

rodica david's picture
rodica david

We are interested in distributed energy solutions

Eva Mendez's picture
Eva Mendez

Hi, :)


where can I download the slides?


Best regards,


Ayanda Rogge


Marketing & Communications

Ayanda Rogge's picture
Ayanda Rogge

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Carl Evan

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