Xcel Energy uses the PI System to improve wind forecasting and save $46 million in operation costs

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Case Study

At OSIsoft’s 2015 Regional Seminar in Denver, Kasen Huwa, Senior Business Manager at Xcel Energy, explained how his company’s Enterprise Agreement with OSIsoft has ensured “all of our data is secure,” enabled “a point count increase,” and empowered a data initiative to reduce error in wind forecasting and increase savings.
From the wind forecasting data initiative alone, Xcel Energy has reduced its mean average error “by 38%” and realized “a lot of cost savings” as “plants are now running better.” Xcel Energy was able to “turn a coal plant off for a whole weekend because we knew that wind was going to be there,” Huwa said, adding, “It makes it much easier on your maintenance cycles… You can now tell [your plants] hours ahead of time rather than last minute. We cut down a lot of [curtailment payments].”
Overall, the wind forecasting has led to “Savings/Efficiencies [that] are roughly estimated over the last six years at $46 million.” 

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