E.ON UK: A Best Practices Case Study from IDC Energy Insights

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White Paper

E.ON UK rebuilt trust with customer engagement and digital transformation. Want to learn how they did it? Download this complimentary independent report from IDC Energy Insights!
To successfully compete in a dynamic retail market, E.ON embarked on a transformation of its customer strategy through redesigning its entire customer experience. This report highlights the pillars of this transformation. By harnessing Big Data analytics and behavioural science, Opower’s platform has enabled E.ON UK to provide personalised advice and products to help customers control energy use and reduce their energy bill.
In this case study, you will learn:
1. Why E.ON UK decided to radically change its customer strategy
2. What digital tools E.ON UK used to redesign the customer experience
3. How E.ON UK improved in digital channel adoption, cost to serve, churn, customer satisfaction and much more