Energy billing and customer care - Ideas for better practice

Operational excellence underpins exceptional energy customer care. As energy consumers demand higher service levels and stakeholders expect greater financial performance, back office functions continue to come under scrutiny.

The first point of interaction between energy companies and their customers is the customer care and billing function. We have identified four key impact areas that need to be addressed and updated.

  • Service optimisation
  • Multi-channel customer engagement
  • Back office efficiency and transformation
  • Predictive customer behaviour

Engerati and our industry experts will share their work and knowledge on each of these impact areas through in-depth analysis, guest presentations, case studies and articles to show how they interplay and fit together.

Better understanding utility customers needs is key to enabling service optimisation. And improving communication through a multi-channel customer engagement strategy is vital to keep up with the fast evolving market and predicting customer behaviour.

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Live Webinars

4 ways to optimise utility billing and customer care operations

Broadcast Date: Thu 25 May 13:00 UTC

Service optimisation, multi channel customer engagement, back office efficiency and predictive customer behaviour with billing and customer care services. Engerati analysts and industry experts join in this live energy webinar to highlight billing and customer care opportunities for the energy sector.

  • Kirill Rechter

  • Pieter Bastiaan Jan Ijzerman

    Business Development Manager - ESI

Utility billing and customer care says a lot about the quality of an energy company and its services.

Getting it right benefits both the customer in terms of more accurate and relevant utility billing, but also the supplier through reduced costs, increased sales and customer satisfaction which in turn drives the higher return on investment.

We have identified three key impact areas and have invited top experts to share their knowledge and use cases in each of the areas below:

Impact 1: Service optimisation

Good service has two routes: the extraordinary which is determined by people, staff and company culture, and the highly efficient driven by systems-centric service optimisation. Both have a similar outcome in delighting the customer. We explore how this ‘icing on the cake’ can be delivered as part of your service-centric planning.

Impact 2: Benefits of multi-channel customer engagement

Today's customer has access to more communication channels than ever before. Ensuring you know their preferred channel has never been more important. Enabling customer self service through intelligent e-billing can help to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Impact 3: Back office efficiency and transformation

A digital workplace enables your field workers and service agents to upsell and cross-sell more effectively for increased customer satisfaction and revenues. Empower your employees with streamlined tools that improve efficiency, collaboration and customer service.

Impact 4: Predictive customer behaviour

Keep pace with rapidly evolving behaviours and raised customer expectations. Your data helps you drive insight. From this you can predict customer needs, identify cross-sell opportunities, launch new services and offers to the right audience and deliver an exceptional energy customer service.

Get involved and ask the experts

Following our presentations, you will have the chance to ask your questions to our experts. Share your opinions with your peers and most importantly understand the fundamental impact to your business and the transformation opportunities.

Webinar Speakers

Kirill Rechter


Pieter Bastiaan Jan Ijzerman

Business Development Manager - ESI

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