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Next Generation Asset Investment Planning

MONA (Management and Optimization of Network Assets) is a strategic investment planning solution for electricity and gas utilities. It is based on a unique complex system modeling technology. We developed this solution together with one of the largest European Transmission System Operators, the French electricity utility RTE. MONA helps energy utilities optimize their maintenance strategies and investment programs on the short, medium and long terms by integrating organizational and operational constraints into a single model. Based on an innovative modeling and simulation technology dedicated to complex systems, MONA enables to test what-if scenarios for maintenance and investments and to optimize the network operation as a whole. MONA brings tremendous benefits to the industry in terms of energy risk and TOTEX optimization, beside providing a transparent process for Utilities and Regulators to reach consensus on strategic investments. “Unlike existing solutions that consider systems locally and in silos, CoSMo brings a holistic and dynamic approach which allows us to optimize the system globally in view of achieving the best results for our transmission assets.“ declared Olivier Grabette, Deputy CEO at RTE.

In 2014, the French electricity Transmission System Operator RTE chose to call on CoSMo to develop an Asset Investment Planning solution dedicated to energy utilities. MONA supports utilities in meeting their long term requirements associated to stringent tariffs. Contrary to existing solutions that consider systems locally and in silos, MONA is based on CoSMo's unique Complex Systems approach, a holistic and dynamic approach enabling systemic analysis, global optimization of the system and cascading effect prediction.

MONA’s objective is to help utilities’ strategic planners implement better maintenance and investment strategies and de-risk their operation, on the basis of a systemic approach of their environment. A majority of gas and electricity assets are now reaching their end of life, and MONA will enable RTE and other utilities to face this investment wall, while ensuring a low level of risk and an excellent grid service level. MONA also helps prioritizing investment plans, both internally by aligning all departments and systems on a common vision (thus enabling a reduction in operation conflicts) and externally by providing a powerful process to support interactions with regulators, enabling better justification and impact measurement of each investment plan.

In 2015, RTE validated the Proof of Concept and implemented the industrial application. The first test of MONA on a portion of RTE’s grid has shown potential improvements in baseline scenarios by 14.5% in OPEX and CAPEX and a 20% reduction in operation conflicts, while keeping service quality and risk levels constant.

MONA users are typically asset managers, policy managers, strategic planners.

The commercial version of MONA has been released in early 2016.


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MONA is a strategic "Top Down" Asset Invetment Optimization solution that consolidates & modelizes global informational systems to render optimal “what if” scenarios.  Capable of identifying outcomes that are counter-intuitive  “Where conventional wisdom and tribal knowledge fail“ . Truely Innovative, Impactful & Transformational.