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MT-VN-β – Reliable PLC solution for MV lines

MT modem has a unique architecture with two independently configurable channels. One of them can serve as a auxiliary connection used for management of the main channel and as well as for urgent and time critical communication.
This configuration ensures thah PLC link makes the most of the particular MV line in a given frequency spectrum. As indicated by many european companies dealing with electricity distribution, typically more than 15 % of secondary substation are out of the public GSM network coverage. The MT-VN can offer robust, independent and economically attractive solution perfectly suited for these applications.

MT-VN-β is a new member of Modemtec’s next-generation PLC modems family designed for use at medium voltage lines up to 35 kV. It can be deployed in a wide range of applications, such as a part of Smart Grid, in industry or for dedicated substation control. Obviously, the modem can act as a generic transparent data channel in customer-specific applications. MT-VN-β utilizes multi-standard modulation with forward error correction (FEC). Therefore it can be used to set up a very reliable and robust communication channel even on poor-quality and noisy MV distribution lines.

Data transmission is implemented using the OFDM/QAM modulation scheme based on user-selectable standard, such as Prime, G3 PLC, proprietary narrowband, and more. Depending on the specific PLC standard, relevant options are available (e.g. carrier frequency, coding, interleaving, FEC, etc.). Unique dual-channel modem topology with one back channel ensures maximum utilization of the main channel at full bandwidth. The signal spectrum can also be customized to meet all valid regulations. According to the selected PLC standard, back-channel usage and actual line conditions, MT-VN-β allows data communication at rates exceeding 1 MBit/s.

MT-VN-β supports numerous protocols and standards, such as Ethernet, Modbus, IEC 60870-5, RS232/485 and many others. Of course, the modem can be used in fully transparent mode when a host system is responsible for the protocol processing. As it is based on a standard operating system, the set of available protocols can be easily extended and customized. MT-VN-β also contains a subsystem for advanced line/channel diagnostics. Backup or service remote access is provided by optional independent GSM/UMTS/LTE interface.

Maximum transmitting power of 100 W allows reaching of about 30 km communication distance without any repeaters. Of course, the maximum emitted energy can be software-limited to meet all valid standards. Mechanical construction with separate parallel coupler supports user-friendly installation without the need to break the MV circuit. MT-VN-β supports both interphase and grounded connection options. The modem is fully compliant with standards of the IEC 60060-1 family (isolation voltage, impulse surge tests, etc.) as well as with common EMC standards (IEC 61000-4 family).


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15 Sep 2016