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Grid Control

The project GRID CONTROL is looking not only at the technical challenges of a smart grid, but also looks at it from an economical point of view. It takes the traffic light concept into account and evaluates how and up to which degree the market can help to prevent grid congestions. It gives a new twist to the role of a DSO. He is becoming more active in managing the grid and becomes more innovative, therefore changing from an infrastructure operator to an infrastructure manager.

The Project brings a solution for the successful realization of the German “Energiewende” as developed by the joint research project grid control. Germany plans to increase the percentage of renewable generation up to 80 % by 2050. Thus the generation structure changes from a central to a decentralized one, since generation shifts from few big power plants to many small decentralized generation units. To allow this important step, distribution grids must be improved in order to allow a reliable grid operation with a high percentage of renewable generation in the future. Therefore, new technical system solutions with respect to technical, economical and regulatory requirements will be developed in the project grid-control. The goal is to accomplish a technic as well as economic based orchestration of decentralized energy systems leading to an overall-concept for future electrical distribution grids. Only a comprehensive system design allows to create synergy effects for reliable and efficient system operation by applying the infrastructure cross-functionally.

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19 Jul 2016