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BienVEnu is a demonstrator that aims at developing and testing new electrical vehicle charging solutions in residential housing blocks. The three-year project, based in Ile de France, seeks to facilitate the deployment of electric vehicles with innovative technology and a complete business plan and commercial offer.


The national legislation on debate around the energy transition supports the electric vehicle as a contributor to low carbon mobility. In the next few years, residential housing will become the main location for rechar­ging electric vehicles. However, charging EVs in such an urban area remains difficult and ex­pensive, and public charging points can’t sustain the ever growing need alone.

The BienVEnu project tests out a nu­mber of innovative experimental approaches as a solution to that problem, and specifically to charging in collective housing. BienVEnu is based on new and smart technologies:  smart charging – real-time charge optimization – and a cable that makes the infrastructure modular – allowing the opportunity to add new charging points easily even after the parking is equipped –, making it a viable solution on the long term.


Moreover, BienVEnu not only aims at studying the technical, economics and regulatory challenges of collective housing charging but also sets out to offer a fully functioning and sustainable electro-mobility service. Electric vehicle users living in buildings taking part in the project will have the opportunity to recharge right at home, and a car-sharing service will also be available to all residents. They will be assisted in all their EV needs: reservation platform, maintenance, simple billing system...


BienVEnu stands as a solution to EV charging at home, making it simpler for residents to discover (and adopt) electric mobility.


Learn more on our website or follow the BienVEnu twitter account!



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06 Jul 2016
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