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tiko – with more than 6500 houses connected, the energy revolution has started!

At Swisscom Energy Solutions, we believe that the energy revolution will only be possible with the involvement of all, starting with the smallest house owner.


Because tiko, our energy management solution, helps prosumers to optimize their photovoltaic production and storage solutions, monitor their electrical heating devices consumption while helping them save energy and money, we help them increase their energy efficiency.

And because we also connect all those devices to our intelligent storage network, we build up a community supporting the integration of renewable energies which production is volatile, such as wind and solar, into the Grids, therefore helping to stabilize local networks on a distribution network level, reduce peak loads, balance loads or avoid network construction.

Nationally, the capacity can be used for ancillary services like balance energy, reacting on a 1-second basis, and thus being the fastest virtual power plant in the world.


Today, more than 6’500 homes are already connected, providing primary reserve to the Swiss Energy Market and starting delivering to the European market. Latency is almost non-existent, and while using the capacity provided by their device, the comfort of connected prosumers remains totally intact.

Our system’s logic is both centralized and decentralized enabling us to react to different markets and interchange quickly, and the highest security standards ensure that data and connections are fully protected, while fallback functionalities guarantee that prosumers won’t be impacted in case of interruption.


More important, our system is building up on an already existing infrastructure, installed in homes all around the world. Leveraging these devices for a second purpose offers real socio-economic benefits to our society.


With us, the Energy Revolution is already happening!


Watch our tiko power video here


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Swisscom Energy Solutions, a joint venture between Swisscom and Repower, was created in 2012, and quickly launched tiko power, which doubles as an energy management system and one of the largest real-time smart grid in Europe, connecting more than 6500 homes in Switzerland, and continuously developing new functionalities.

tiko sun was launched in 2015, and promptly integrated in the PV offer of one of the biggest utilities in Switzerland.

tiko storage, launched in 2016, connects batteries to the tiko network in partnership with the batteries manufacturer Sonnen.

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