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Eesti Energia's mobile app - innovative solution for smart energy consumers!

Eesti Energia's innovative mobile app is taking customer's electricity information simply to their pocket! It gives a great opportunity to analyze the electricity consumption monhtly, weekly, daily or even hourly, sends useful notifications about the market price and suggestions for cheaper and more expensive price periods during the next day. In addition there is also an opportunity to see and compare the invoices, pay them easily, check the electricity contract data and enjoy the special offers from the partners of the electricity supplier. Consuming energy in a smart way has never been so quick and easy! Take a look:

Eesti Energia is an international energy company that operates in the energy market of the Baltic and Nordic countires. We offer energy solutions ranging from electricity, heat and fuel production to sales and customer service and many other energy services.


As a leading power seller in the Baltics, we decided to launch a mobile app, that would help our 500 000 clients to be smarter energy consumers and handle their everyday energy-topics easy and quickly. Eesti Energia's mobile app was officially launched in the end of 2014 and within 1,5 years it has got already over 30 000 users.

Our innovative mobile app gives customers the opportunity to follow and manage their electricity consumption, get the information about invoices and special offers, and see the details of the electricity contracts - and all this easily on the go!

As an electricity company on retail market we wanted to make it work in a way that that the mobile app would benefit both: us and our customers. We found the key to it through the fact that for us as, retail sellers, the mobile app helps to keep our customer's loyalty, it gives us a competitive advantage, helps us as a direct marketing channel while building brand recognition, improves our customers' engagement, provides them greater value and helps us to be more visible to our customers, since the usage of smartphones is rapidly growing in Europe.

On the other side, it gives our customers an attractive, quick and simple solution for having all the electricity data in one place and helping them to reduce their energy costs, while offering an overview and suggestions for smarter consumption and special offers from the supplier and its partners. Free app can be downloaded from App Store and Google play.


Smart energy consumption has never been easier!


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21 Jul 2016
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