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EDP Smarthome

Utilities worldwide are facing an energetic paradigm shift, which can have a deep impact in their business. A new downstream with solar distributed energy grid parity, local storage and energy management evolution and electric mobility deployment is an opportunity for utilities to rethink their value proposition and value chain.

EDP Comercial in Portugal wants to lead the way in the new downstream. So, it has launched the Smart home concept, aggregating four of its products and positioning itself on each element of the smart home business: solar energy, energy storage, energy management (edp re:dy) and electric mobility.

Integrating all these services gives a new experience and empowerment to customers, and they can now be called Promasumers (producer + manager + consumer of energy) - producers due to their own energy production through solar panels, managers since with edp re:dy they can control and manage their home’s consumption and equipment, consumers for the normal electric consumption and by adding new elements to their electric portfolio, as an electric vehicle.

Prosumer is a popular concept within the energy sector, although EDP Comercial prefers to use the Promasumers, who can manage their energy generation and consumption.

EDP Comercial with all the products within the Smart Home concept provides a variety of services to their residential clients empowering them to be part of this market shift.

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Currently there is a strong trend to decentralize energy management by empowering the consumers. Distributed generation with solar energy achieving grid parity, local storage being driven for a cost reduction, electric vehicles becoming a competitive alternative and the rise of the smart homes associated with Internet of Things are behind of what we like to call the Promasumers (Producer + manager + consumer of energy).



EDP Comercial’s smarthome is an aggregation of services empowering the clients on this market shift – solar energy, energy storage, energy management (edp re:dy) and electric vehicles.

The solar energy product is a turnkey photovoltaic solution for self-consumption, with solutions sized to fit each house’s needs through an online simulator, connected to the house with a special edp re:dy plug and with 36 monthly payments in the energy bill with no upfront payment.

EDP wants to bring solar energy to every Portuguese home.

Electric mobility is a promising market, EDP wants to be present through special energy tariffs, commercialization of charging stations and in partnership with 13 automotive companies that sell electric vehicles in Portugal (e.g. Audi; BMW; Nissan; Renault; Volkswagen).

All clients with an electric car have a special tariff with 10% discount at night and if they purchase the car from one of our partners, they can benefit from a 400€ offer in energy for the new vehicle. Alongside, EDP has a charging station allowing a faster charging, between 2 and 8 hours, with 24 monthly payments in the energy bill.

Energy storage solution will be launched during this year’s integrated with solar energy solutions and enabling clients to take advantage of the solar panels and use the energy produced by day, storage it and use it at night.

The storage system will be tailored according to client’s characteristics, and a mix of a number of solar panels and storage capacity will be installed to each client. This turn-key solution, as solar solution, will be paid by the customer with monthly payments in the energy bill.

To manage all the products above, EDP energy management product is central. Actually, edp re:dy intends to be the automated manager of all energy in the more complex and smarter homes. Turn on the equipment when the grid electricity price is lower? When I produce energy should I use it or store it in my battery? How to manage the electric car charge with all the loads in the house? edp re:dy may answer automatically to these and other energetic issues in our modern homes.

With edp re:dy, and through its special solar plug, the client can have a unique solution by joining solar and re:dy, and by doing so it can monitor the solar system performance, namely produced energy, self-consumed energy, grid injected energy, grid energy consumption reduction and real earnings with the solar energy. All this in real time and with historic analysis.

Edp re:dy is a system that allows you to connect and control your home in a single app, whenever you want, wherever you are. Is an innovative set of hardware and software designed and developed by EDP Comercial, which has the following main components:

  • re:dy box: the intelligence behind re:dy. The place where the smart meter and the equipment get connected and where all the information and rules are processed;
  • smart meter: smart meter that connects directly to the re:dy box with electric information;
  • re:dy peripherals: a set of peripherals that allow to connect the re:dy box to the non-smart equipment and electric circuits of each house, for example media devices, home appliances, air conditioning systems, boilers, solar photovoltaic system, batteries, swimming pool pump, watering systems or lighting circuits;
  • re:dy app: app and online platform to control all home´s energy wherever the client is, whenever he wants.


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11 Jul 2016