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tiko – the engaging energy management system for prosumers that builds our energy future!

If you’re willing to gain insight and control over your electrical heating devices, or use your PV  and/or battery management to optimize self-consumption while saving energy and contributing to the promotion of renewable energies, tiko will provide you the perfect solution.


With tiko, you’ll benefit from :

  • A secure Member Space, offering  a clear visualization of your energy consumption and/or production, per connected device, for today, yesterday, per week or per month
  • An energy management system optimizing your self-consumption for your PV and/or battery thanks to tiko sun and tiko storage
  • The Eco Mode if you chose tiko power, which helps you to very easily reduce your energy consumption by up to 60% when you’re away from home
  • Alarms if we detect any anomaly, enabling you to react before you feel cold and thus guaranteeing your comfort

And thanks to the tiko app, you’ll enjoy all those features from anywhere and at any time on your tablet or your smartphone. 


But that’s not all.


Joining tiko, you actually contribute to building our energy future by connecting your devices to an intelligent storage network and enjoy financial rewards, like cash-back or reduced pricing for additional functionalities. This virtual power plant helps flattening fluctuations of the balance between our energy production and consumption that occur in the Grid, and which result from the volatility of renewable energies production, such as PV and wind. Our energy supply is more secure and the share of renewable energies can increase. This has an immediate impact on our energy future.


Thanks to your energy savings and self-consumption optimization, as a Prosumer, you’ll achieve a return on investment in a matter of months, just like sonnenBatterie customers in Germany (, where tiko storage makes batteries affordable to a broader customer segment.


Today, more than 6’500 homes are connected in a real-time Smart Grid reacting per second, and have saved more than 1GWh of electricity.


Watch our tiko power video here

Swisscom Energy Solutions, a joint venture between Swisscom and Repower, was created in 2012, and quickly launched tiko power, which doubles as an energy management system and one of the largest real-time smart grid in Europe, connecting more than 6500 homes in Switzerland, and continuously developing new functionalities.

tiko sun was launched in 2015, and promptly integrated in the PV offer of one of the biggest utilities in Switzerland.

In 2016, Swisscom Energy Solutions signed a partnership with the German producer of batteries sonnen to connect batteries to the tiko network.

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