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Smappee energy monitoring system

Smappee, founded by Energy Management Expert Stefan Grosjean, wants to take the lead in the energy transition by putting its customers at the forefront of the transition. There is ample opportunity for improved energy efficiency, but most households and small businesses lack actionable data and control of their energy use and costs. The monthly or even yearly electricity bill and overview are of no help in that regard, providing only an aggregated view of total energy consumption. Smappee gives its customers independence and control over their own energy use and production. With the insights the app provides, they can better understand their domestic use, track down the energy guzzlers and tackle standby-power. They feel safe, as they can manage their domestic appliances remotely via the app, using the Comfort Plugs. The gas & water monitor also alerts in case of leaks. And, if the solar panels produce more energy than is being consumed, why not use that surplus energy to charge your electric car? Energy monitoring is good for the wallet and good for the planet!

The Smappee energy monitor gives consumers the insights they need in order to perform a sustainable behavioral change in their energy consumption. The energy monitor, solar energy monitor and gas&water monitor help users understand exactly where their energy is going within their home, giving them the ability to manage and control individual appliances and devices at a granular level. And all of this via just one clip-on sensor attached around the main cable.


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29 Sep 2016



Walter Dragone's picture

This ingenious device along with its accessories 

will set you on a clear and easy path to save

energy/water/gas...preserving the environment 

and putting actual money in your pocket...