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Prosumer Meter: Bringing intelligence and optimization to solar energy

Through close and accurate monitoring and reporting of solar energy production and consumption, as well as making the data available for the users, Develco Products’ triple three phase meter, the Prosumer Meter, brings the essence of energy management into solar technology.

With a rapid growth in the generation of solar energy worldwide, possibilities of generating green growth have emerged. However, the technologies to manage production and consumption of solar energy are falling behind in this development. Typically, solutions to managing solar energy do not make it possible to determine any correlations between energy produced and energy consumed.


Solution provided by the Prosumer Meter

To solve this problem, Develco Products’ Prosumer Meter enables monitoring and live reporting of solar energy usage as well as output. The Prosumer Meter is designed to integrate the household’s solar power modules in a smart home and smart metering solution. The innovative solution offers users the opportunity to assess real-time measurements of the percentage of energy consumed coming from their own photovoltaics. Through the measurements of the Prosumer Meter, users can save money by moving their energy usage to time intervals with high solar energy production.


Accuracy key to managing solar energy

In order to provide users with accurate data, the Prosumer Meter is a triple three phase meter that measures production and consumption of power on all three levels:

1.      The solar cell module

2.      The total household

3.      The connected grid


This allows for the users to get a live feed of how much electricity is produced by the solar module and compare it to the total consumption of the household as well as to the grid activity in general. By logging the power consumption in all directions in 5-minute intervals, the Prosumer Meter enables monitoring of long-term patterns and deliverance of power consumption in all three different dimensions. Also, the Prosumer Meter offers the flexibility of using it as two three phase meters for separate groups in a building. 


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28 Sep 2016
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