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ONENODDE is a saving service and intelligent control based on a cloud platform, open standards, low cost and pay per use. It allows intelligent control and management of energy and water consumption in buildings and homes.

ONENODDE has a universalized access control and savings per home consumption due to its low price, open technology and easy use. Unlike the existing offer, OneNodde has focus on customer interests (home and building). This is because energy nor hadware does not sell, is a customizable service and intelligent control.

  1. Growth in the international market.
  2. Systematic innovation as previous support and guarantee future competitiveness.
  3. Brand image associated with "green energy".
  4. A new model of intelligent control that places the installer in the center of the process.
  5. Integrate our experience in the sector of our value chain.,
  6. On the other hand, the company is aware of the difficulty to differentiate itself from the competition with a product / service that the customer perceives few different elements, because of that Onenodde boost the most innovative activity.

"A brain for building + one sensor for home: total control of consumption in real-time predictive intelligence and maximum savings for building"


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19 Sep 2016



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Excelente trabajo