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IoT Enabled Energy Management

Prioritizing building energy efficiency projects is essential to responsible fiscal management whether in the private sector or government. Understanding what systems within a building consume what types and amounts of energy is essential to identifying areas for efficiency improvement.

Imagine having a portfolio of buildings that consume millions of kWhs per year. A saving of 5%-10% to the overall energy consumption could be translated into hundreds of thousands or even millions of Euro savings per year. In order to achieve that objective someone needs to build a reliable energy monitoring system that tracks energy consumption in most important loads of each and every building, gather those data in an energy analytics service and then take business decisions on energy efficiency investments. This is where usually reality beats strategy since numerous problems are faced that make such type of projects financially not viable. Examples of such barriers are: large and expensive energy meters (including data logging) that prevent monitoring of many loads, wired connections that increase installation costs, closed and proprietary energy management systems locking the customer in one solution, lack of scalability in a cost efficient manner and finally lack of open data connectivity to the cloud.

Meazon puts an end to all these issues, creating an inflection point and acting as a catalyst to unleash energy efficiency investments. Meazon’s Bizy energy monitoring and control platform features wireless, easy to install and revolutionary small energy submeters, IOT enabled, with an open interface to the cloud and low Total Cost of Ownership. The platform is integrated to a Microsoft Azure cloud based energy analytics platform, providing meaningful energy management anywhere anytime.

Meazon solution provides the way to monitor and control thousands of unattended loads in an easy and cost efficient manner in legacy and new buildings enabling energy efficiency and operation optimizations investments, leading to substantial energy savings. Moreover, Meazon IoT enabled innovative load monitoring and control technology can enable the implementation of various new energy efficiency Utilities’ strategies such as demand-response. See our video

Meazon DinRail circuit-level wireless energy meters (also called sub-meters) are so small that almost fit everywhere. Due to their optimal cost efficient design, they have a low TCO enabling the adoption of a larger number of metering points, driving much more detailed insight into energy efficiency opportunities.
Mesh network connectivity permits effective positioning of energy meters in any location of a building. Integrated with Meazon Janus gateway, data can be aggregated for energy analytics and insight generation in Meazon cloud-based monitoring service. Alternatively, thanks to our open, pluggable data architecture customers can choose to route their energy meters data to other data collection and analysis services.
The high metering accuracy (consistent with the definitions in IEEE 1459 and ANSI C12.1) and advanced meter points (current, voltage, frequency, active and reactive power/energy) combined with the internal datalogger and scheduler give the best value for money. The highly integrated low power design implemented in a sophisticated embedded system design enables a low BOM / high performance design allowing for monitoring samples down to 1 second.
The wireless interface ΙΕΕΕ 802.15.4 (ΖigΒee) simplifies the installation effort and minimizes costs. The low cost allows the technology to be widely deployed in wireless control and monitoring applications. Low power usage allows longer life with smaller batteries. Mesh networking provides high reliability and more extensive range. The ZigBee network layer natively supports both star and tree typical networks, and generic mesh networks.
Meazon Zi-Clamp 3ph is a revolutionary self-charging induction meter that combines the benefits of Bizy DinRail wireless networking with plug and play convenience to enable deployment in space- or access-constrained environments. Ideal for large scale deployments where cost of installation and provisioning in-cabinet solutions becomes prohibitive. Zi-Clamp 3ph is a ground breaking product for the energy management market due to its very easy installation. It allows a very quick deployment of many devices in order to get a quick audit on cloud or locally, of a building in order to characterize the loads without interrupting the power supply. As there is no need to cut power supply there is no risk for a damage on the electrical panel of the building. Due to its small size it can fit everywhere and the wireless interface simplifies things further. The energy harvesting from the power line that is measured allows long monitoring periods without the need of maintenance for battery change. Removing the devices is also very easy, fast and simple.
Meazon’s energy analytics platform deploys the latest information technologies to offer a robust, secure and expandable tool for operational energy data management. The platform is capable of receiving and exporting multi-structured data sets and sensibly represent this data over a web browser. We utilize Microsoft Azure to ensure maximum reliability, scalability and availability of service. Our platform is fast, dynamic and secure. Users can manually upload their energy data keeping the same analysis capabilities. 
Real time energy management on both user and load level becomes critical for load balancing and energy efficiency reasons. Every energy user and load should potentially be connected and controlled by the Grid in real time, providing information of energy consumption, production and control. Internet of Things is the technology that enables real time data to be communicated in real time to and from the loads to central decision points.
Using Meazon Bizy Analytics SaaS platform, companies and buildings get real-time, meaningful information about the consumption and generation of electrical energy and sensor data. The information is analyzed per appliance, line, phase, site or geographic area. Data can easily be exported for off-line processing in Excel or Business Intelligence systems. Advanced analytics are available using the integration of Meazon Bizy IoT energy efficiency platform to the leading Microsoft's power BI tool.
Project: The largest project based on the above described technology is currently being rolled out in Greece, aiming to cover 50 branches and 20 building of a large organization consuming over 70 m kWh per year. Based on Meazon technology the responsinble ESCO plans to deliver efficiencies of around 8%. Efficiencies will result from energy interventions investments that will be repayed out of achieved energy savings. Project is currently rolled out at around 50%. 



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11 Sep 2016
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