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Electric vehicles + grid management: the solution is here

Electric vehicle is pointed as one of the most promising solutions to the problems of the current mobility model in developed societies: high energy consumption, pollutants generation and a great dependance of fossil fuels. Despite its significant benefits, the massive deployment of electric vheicles could generate importar issues in the electric system, mainly in distribution grids, which could destabilize it, such as high electric demand increases and power quality deterioration.

In this context, two projects have raised to face these challenges: On the one hand, the SIRVE project has developed and proved in a real scenario a grid friendly solution to recharge the electric vehicles avoiding any problem over the electric system. On the other hand, the EV-OPTI MANAGER project, as a continuation of the former, is developing services and products to reduce energy costs for electric consumers.


SIRVE has developed and demonstrated a portfolio of solutions (hardware and software tools) for charging electric vehicles, in which storage systems and distributed generation are integrated

The results of the project have been:

  • Grid friendly electric vehicle charging point including:
    • Low grid impact power electronics topology in a CHAdeMO fast charger (other charging point modes have been developed)
    • PV technology to reduce the energy consumption from the grid
    • Storage systems to compensate the reactive power of the charging point and event of other near electric consumers. This system can also carry out peak saving strategies
  • Charging points management system to monitor and control de operation of a charging network locally and remotely. It also enables the use of the charging point as a support of the electric grid, improving the electric system reliability and power quality.



This project represents the continuation of the SIRVE project focusing on important electric consumers and in its whole electric energy cycle: energy consumption forecast and planning-optimization, electric energy purchase in the market and electric energy storage.

The objective of the EV-OPTI MANAGER project is to develop services and products to optimize the electric energy costs of the EV charging service providers and other direct consumers.


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08 Aug 2016
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