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Danfoss Link™ - Home Heating of Tomorrow

1. Want to be a part of Home Heating of Tomorrow?

2. Want to ensure that your end-users reach a significant saving?

3. Want to offer a system that is elegant in design and easy to use?

YES? Then please welcome Danfoss LinkTM

Giving your end-users the ultimate integrated heating experience has never been easier. With Danfoss LinkTM, you can offer a heating system with total control from one central point. What's more, by using the simple and intuitive Danfoss LinkTM App, your customers will be able to remotely control their system from anywhere.


Danfoss LinkTM is the only system that effortlessly lets the end-user control both electronic radiator thermostats and floor heating. Danfoss LinkTM ensures that the temperature stays just the way your end-users like it. They can make adjustments by their smartphones by using the Danfoss LinkTM  App and ensure that their home will be warm and cozy - also when they get home earlier than expected.


You care for what matters to your end-users and wants to offer them the future? Then let danfoss LinkTM take care of the rest.

How does Danfoss LinkTM help the end-users?

Danfoss LinkTM helps you ensuring that your end-users receive a significant energy saving and a perfect indoor climate with a simple and user-friendly system that can be controlled with a smartphone – also away from home!

How does Danfoss LinkTM work?

Installing a fully intelligent heating system has never been this easy. Because all Danfoss Link™ components have been developed and fine-tuned to work perfectly together, installing and commissioning the Central Controller is as simple as it can be. The heating system control can cover up to 50 units: Danfoss Link™ CC Central Controller + 49 other units. Units can be: up to 30 Connect® radiator thermostat; up to 30 Danfoss Link™ RS Room Sensors; up to 3 Danfoss Link™ HC Hydronic Controller (one controller for each 10 channels); and other components.

The system is designed for simple use – with the intuitive displays in Central Controller. Central Controller can control daily heating in each room and allow settings to be adjusted quickly from a single panel. This makes it easy to program a weekly schedule of temperature settings, which saves energy.

Read end-user experiences from Denmark and Germany (link to Case stories)

Immediately benefits for the end-user with Danfoss LinkTM

  • * Up to 30% energy savings is the average European saving potential with intelligent radiator thermostats!
  • * Control your home heating from anywhere
  • * Achieve perfect indoor climate



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29 Sep 2016
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