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EE-ISAC enables trust-based security data and information sharing in the energy sector. The private-public partnership community is a joint initiative of 4 major European DSO utility companies together with technical universities, governmental bodies and security technology providers.

The EE-ISAC communitiy enables the trust of the European utility industry to :

- Set up long lasting relationships of trust with partners across the entire value chain

- Share both real-time data & analysis within small scale trust-circles

- Learn from their peers' experiences with grid security incidents and cyber breaches

- Compare & evaluate security solutions, both from technical and operational point of view

- Benefit from an open dialogue with industry partners, suppliers and academia

The EE-ISAC community is a culture shift within the energy sector where collaboration and trust is key. This is an innovative approach and therefore we think it will be successful for an award!


The smart grid and increased connectivity to the Internet bring very real and new risks to the energy industry. Privacy and cybersecurity measures need to be taken alongside the implementation of the smart grid. This is no longer just a question of protecting corporate IT systems. Cyber threats are now directed at the national and European grid, resulting in an urgent need for a collaborative approach at this level.
The European Energy - Information Sharing & Analysis Centre (EE-ISAC) is an industry- driven, information sharing network of trust. Both private utilities and solution providers and (semi)public institutions such as academia, governmental and non-profit organizations share valuable information on cyber security & cyber resilience.
EE-ISAC creates an environment in which cyber security experts start talking to each other without legal or social hesitations. EE-ISAC members share: - Information about vulnerabilities and threats
- Reports on security incidents and cyber breaches
- Technical & operational experiences with applied security solutions
- Lessons learned from past security issues
- Future challenges, security outlooks & warnings For more information, see :




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17 Jun 2016



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Collaboration is key to succeed in tackling successfully our security challenges !