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Delta-ee is a research and consulting company that provides its clients with information, analysis, insight and advice in emerging distributed energy markets. We help clients navigate the transformation of the energy system. We are positioned at the heart of the transformation of energy markets to a more distributed, customer centric, low carbon future, and we are increasingly recognised as the leading European provider of independent expertise in our marketplace.

Wed 18 Oct 2017

There’s a big buzz around customer flexibility across many markets, with increasing interest from a range of stakeholders keen to unlock its value.

Thu 18 May 2017

This webinar provides essential insight for energy retailers.

Mon 17 Oct 2016

For close to a century, the energy provider-customer relationship has consisted primarily of a monthly bill. Now, customers are demanding more.

Wed 12 Oct 2016

There have been numerous efforts to advance demand response in the EU and USA but can these regions learn from each other? What are the main differences?

Thu 22 Sep 2016

Across Europe key players are making real progress with Energy storage but how do we take it to the next level?

The impact of customer data analytics on the utility bottom line is investigated by Susan Furnell, Delta-ee and Furnell Consult.

The race to reinvent: six types of business models are shaping the future

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A dynamic market on the cusp of exponential growth Delta-ee has been consulting and building our research expertise on flexibility markets for over 5 years.

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White Paper

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