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The EnergyNet Powering Africa Hub, in association with Engerati, is your space to collaborate with colleagues, share different perspectives and exchange industry information. Find delegates and continue the discussions from the Africa Energy Forum, view again the AEF 2014 sessions, presentations and interviews, and discover leading industry articles, interviews and energy insights from contributors to the Africa Energy Yearbook 2014. Joining this hub also gives you exclusive access to our Africa Power Projects database. Membership is on application as limited to qualified applicants.
The Engerati Energy Storage hub launching August 15th brings together the latest developments in Energy Storage to a dedicated group of industry professionals from regulators, utilities, large power users, engineers and academia.

The way energy is stored depends primarily on the source of energy. According to the latter, we know the following methods of energy storage:

Walt Disney said it best:  “If you can dream it, you can do it." That’s the challenge for this generation and the ones succeeding it when it comes creating Smart Grids out of today’s infrastructure

The IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup is the leading competition in the Internet of Things and M2M arena.

Back in January 2014 when we were still packing up holiday decorations, the Obama administration initiated a Quadrennial Energy Review (QER), a comprehensive survey of energy production, infrastruc

At the early age of electricity a war of currents took place— DC v.s. AC, also known as direct current and alternating current.

Accenture’s energy consumer study has gained quite a momentum.

Smart grid security is an increasingly complex and important challenge for utilities, service providers, and end users.

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