Network Management

Imagine having your whole grid from network to customer under one control.
Wed 01 Nov 2017

As a distribution system operator, you need to extend the reach of smart grid into your networks to fulfil your Internet of Things strategy - from distribution automation to substation automation,

UK network operators are resolving faults on underground feeder lines by closing and energising potentially faulted lines. What is the result?
The IEC has adopted ENTSO-E’s Common Grid Model Exchange Specification as an international specification for electricity data exchange.
Tue 24 Oct 2017

Europe’s major electricity operators face the challenge of how to transition to next-generation technology to manage the complexity of growing energy demand, stri

In a second guest article, Keith Brody, Head of Communications at DigitalRoute, shares the benefits of mastering data.
Mon 11 Sep 2017

What is the impact of closing and reclosing in resolving underground faults?

The falling costs of renewables and energy storage are making microgrids more commercially attractive.
Three key impact areas of demand response are large energy users, energy aggregator models and electric vehicles.
Plans have been set out to remove the barriers to energy storage, enable smart homes and businesses and bring flexibility to the markets.


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