Micro Grids

New tender awards in France demonstrate the falling costs of renewables.
The falling costs of renewables and energy storage are making microgrids more commercially attractive.
European energy companies are leading the development of hydrogen storage based microgrids.

Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES) develops, markets and supports the world's most proven, open standard, multi-application energy control networking platform.

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Product Overview

The new microgrid at the UK's University of Chester will provide a platform for learning.

One year of PV-battery diesel hybrid operations on a Caribbean island: THEnergy confirms the outstanding performance of the SMA microgrid

Tesla will be establishing Europe’s largest community battery in UK's East Midlands city.
A hybrid renewable energy and battery storage system will form the heart of a smart microgrid on the Greek island of Tilos.
Islands face specific challenges and must tailor their energy solutions to the particular needs of their own systems.


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