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With the latest SMETS2 start date in July 2018, how are smaller tier two and three energy companies meeting their deployment obligations?
Distribution system operators with AMI systems can leverage the technology to shine light below the substation level. Expert NES tells Engerati more.
Current data projects 72% penetration of smart meters for electricity across Europe by 2020.

This report examines the evolution of smart meter based prepaid electric service in the United States (US).

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A recent Ericsson smart meter deal highlights a trend to sharing communication networks to cut rollout costs.
Meazon has met a US Department of Energy challenge to bring to market a low cost wireless submetering system.
Thu 28 Sep 2017

As the UK’s mandated smart meter rollout moves towards its 2020 end goal of European Commission compliance, energy companies are acutely aware of their deployment obligations.

Got a smart meter? You’ll soon need another, writes Engerati member Nick Hunn.
A desire for change, understanding customer energy behaviour and watertight security - three pointers for a successful digital rollout.
Smart meters have just become a burning issue, writes Engerati member Nick Hunn.


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