Renewables Integration

The Renewables Integration channel looks at the challenge of connecting these intermittent power sources to the grid through the use of technology new concepts like virtual power plants and more. A vast collection of presentations, articles and white papers make it easy for you to get up to date with the latest technologies, trends and case studies.
What are the latest energy use cases for artificial intelligence? Read our briefing to find out
Positive business cases for flexibility trading are emerging in Europe, Priogen tells Engerati.
What are the benefits of using this unlicensed spectrum communication technology for grid monitoring? Engerati asks MultiTech for its view.
The utility market is shifting. Time to get nimble, says Peter Siggins, Energy & Utilities expert at PA Consulting Group.
USEF Foundation has completed development of independent aggregator models for Europe’s demand response markets.
UK utility Centrica will be managing a 3MW battery storage system for the country’s Gateshead City Council.
Imagine having your whole grid from network to customer under one control. Oracle explains how
Spanish utility Endesa signs an agreement to build the largest electric battery system in Spain.
Ofgem’s landmark decision sees Anesco’s solar and storage plants retain their Renewable Obligation Certificates.
The UK has launched its first fully integrated energy systems research, development and demonstration site InTEGReL.


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