Renewables Integration

The Renewables Integration channel looks at the challenge of connecting these intermittent power sources to the grid through the use of technology new concepts like virtual power plants and more. A vast collection of presentations, articles and white papers make it easy for you to get up to date with the latest technologies, trends and case studies.
How are wind and solar power integrators managing the collection of real-time data? Engerati asks Advantech to explain its solution.
UK’s Energy Secretary has given Scottish Power Renewables the go-ahead to plan a 1.2GW “next generation” offshore wind farm.
Malta is about to become the recipient of 250MW solar energy from a Tunisia-based solar project, called Tu-Nur.
German startup Sono Motors has launched an electric vehicle that powers itself by means of its integrated solar cells.
The UK has joined France and other European countries in banning new diesel and petrol vehicles.
Vermont Electric Power Company is using data to improve network management and dispatchability with high renewable penetration.
ScottishPower Renewables has awarded ABB a $30m order for two SVC Light® Static Compensators that will smooth out voltage fluctuations.
EirGrid is leading the SysFlex project to study the integration of a high level of renewable energies.
The new microgrid at the UK's University of Chester will provide a platform for learning.
Shell Energy intends to broaden its portfolio offerings through the acquisition of utility MP2 Energy.


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