Energy Management

What are the latest energy use cases for artificial intelligence? Read our briefing to find out
Positive business cases for flexibility trading are emerging in Europe, Priogen tells Engerati.
With the latest SMETS2 start date in July 2018, how are smaller tier two and three energy companies meeting their deployment obligations?
Distribution system operators with AMI systems can leverage the technology to shine light below the substation level. Expert NES tells Engerati more.
Wed 18 Oct 2017

There’s a big buzz around customer flexibility across many markets, with increasing interest from a range of stakeholders keen to unlock its value.

Wed 08 Nov 2017

Is Europe closer to real-time, accurate monitoring of low voltage energy flows? What learnings can you take for your own energy distribution company from European Commission-funded projects?

IKEA has partnered with solar company Solarcentury to launch the Solar Battery Storage system to help homeowners reduce their utility bills.
UK Power Networks has launched a new fast-track application process for connecting small-scale electricity storage projects.
UK utility Ovo Energy has launched a new tariff aimed at its electric vehicle customers.
Intu is investing in powerline communications which runs data and electricity over standard 120V and 240V lines.


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