ICT and Data Management

This channel covers ICT and Data Management related to smart energy. How it is used for customer engagement infrastructure management and predictive analytics. 

Data integration is essential to fuel the success of commercialising IoT and digitisation, writes Keith Brody, Head of Communications at DigitalRoute.
Service optimisation, multi-channel customer engagement and back office efficiency are key for utility billing and customer care.
Tue 19 Sep 2017

Swiss electricity and energy services provider Alpiq together with data and application management specialist DigitalRoute present this webinar on ‘Managing asset data: How Alpiq prepared for the

The increasing use of long duration battery storage is prompting the need for better performance monitoring and predictive maintenance.
Smart meter deployments bring new challenges around data management, validation and security.
Wed 13 Sep 2017

Distributed generation, demand response and consumer flexibility are all possibilities for the electric grid but digitisation relies on a properly planned communication network that will allow gro

UK Power Networks aims to transition from distribution network operator to distribution system operator by 2030.
Vermont Electric Power Company is using data to improve network management and dispatchability with high renewable penetration.
Western Power Distribution has set out a strategy to transform from a distribution network operator to a distribution systems operator.
The European SPARKS project has developed solutions to address malware threats to control systems in the smart grid.


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