Solar generation forms a key component of the renewables generation mix in this section you will find a collection of conference presentations, white papers articles commentary covering solar generation from business models to integration issues.
UK utility Centrica will be managing a 3MW battery storage system for the country’s Gateshead City Council.
Ofgem’s landmark decision sees Anesco’s solar and storage plants retain their Renewable Obligation Certificates.
Cooperative energy ventures are bringing commercial wind and solar farms into community hands.
UK energy company SSE aims to use capital raised through the £556m green bond to refinance its portfolio of onshore wind farms.
Researchers at the University of Sheffield have developed a service to forecast energy generation levels from PV up to three days in advance.
Planning permission has been granted for a 20MW solar farm in Scotland.
New tender awards in France demonstrate the falling costs of renewables.
Swansea University in the UK will be leading a project that aims to convert India’s villages into solar power stations.
Malta is about to become the recipient of 250MW solar energy from a Tunisia-based solar project, called Tu-Nur.
Community energy supplier Mongoose Energy has secured finance for what it claims is the UK’s biggest community energy project.


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