Renewables Generation

The Renewables Generation channel covers the latest trends and technologies in this exciting market sector. Looking at some of the key generation technologies around wind, solar, tidal, thermal and other sources. A vast collection of presentations, articles and white papers make it easy for you to get up to date with the latest technologies, trends and case studies.
Planning permission has been granted for a 20MW solar farm in Scotland.
Power systems studies are essential to ensure new wind farms have adequate reactive power compensation, S&C Electric Company tells Engerati.
Germany's Hesse plans to build a new eHighway which will supply power for the electric drive of hybrid trucks along a 10km stretch of autobahn.
The Royal Schiphol Group’s business units will run on sustainable power.
UK’s Energy Secretary has given Scottish Power Renewables the go-ahead to plan a 1.2GW “next generation” offshore wind farm.
Malta is about to become the recipient of 250MW solar energy from a Tunisia-based solar project, called Tu-Nur.
The falling costs of renewables and energy storage are making microgrids more commercially attractive.
Five blockchain based crowdfunding initiatives are under development in the energy sector.
Solar heating could cover more than 80% of domestic heating requirements in Nordic countries
European energy companies are leading the development of hydrogen storage based microgrids.


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