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The Renewables Generation channel covers the latest trends and technologies in this exciting market sector. Looking at some of the key generation technologies around wind, solar, tidal, thermal and other sources. A vast collection of presentations, articles and white papers make it easy for you to get up to date with the latest technologies, trends and case studies.
Generation is not the sole factor for Europe's security of supply: interconnections, flexibility and policy coordination are equally important.

The race to reinvent: six types of business models are shaping the future

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ETIP SNET has identified research and innovation priorities for Europe’s energy system for the years 2017-2020.
European energy company DONG Energy is rebranding itself as Ørsted Energy to reflect its changing nature in the market.
The Cardiff tidal lagoon project has secured a grid connection on its way to becoming the first full scale power facility of its type.
Geothermal energy development is to be accelerated over the coming decade.
UK utility Centrica will be managing a 3MW battery storage system for the country’s Gateshead City Council.
Spanish utility Endesa signs an agreement to build the largest electric battery system in Spain.
Ofgem’s landmark decision sees Anesco’s solar and storage plants retain their Renewable Obligation Certificates.
Offshore wind prices have dropped by half over the past two years in the UK.


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