Energy Storage

Energy Storage is one of the key challenges for grid operators and renewable power generators. It will be the key to smoothing variable power supply and enable generators to store energy during peak supply for release during peak demand.

In this section you will find a series of articles, presentations, webcasts and more covering the latest developments in energy storage as well as updates on energy storage pilots around the world.

UK utility Centrica will be managing a 3MW battery storage system for the country’s Gateshead City Council.
Spanish utility Endesa signs an agreement to build the largest electric battery system in Spain.
‘Stacking’ multiple value streams with energy storage is able to unlock more value than targeting single applications.
Ofgem’s landmark decision sees Anesco’s solar and storage plants retain their Renewable Obligation Certificates.
The UK has launched its first fully integrated energy systems research, development and demonstration site InTEGReL.
Facing the demands of a modern grid environment, EDF is assessing the performance of flywheel energy storage technology.

THEnergy sees efficient power purchase agreements (PPAs) as the key success factor in the current booming market of reducing diesel consumption by renewables.

EKZ is developing an 18MW/7.5MWh battery energy storage plant in Volketswil municipality.
Energy company Amsterdam Energy ArenA plans to develop and implement one of Europe's largest energy storage systems used in a commercial building.
Vestas Wind Systems has announced that it is working with Tesla Inc. to research the best way of combining wind turbines and batteries.


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