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The race to reinvent: six types of business models are shaping the future

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Sell out token sales, peer-to-peer trading, a test network and network balancing are in sight for blockchain in the energy sector.
Positive business cases for flexibility trading are emerging in Europe, Priogen tells Engerati.
Five blockchain based crowdfunding initiatives are under development in the energy sector.
Vermont Electric Power Company is using data to improve network management and dispatchability with high renewable penetration.
With the growth of intermittent renewables, machine trading of energy is becoming both more sophisticated and widely practiced.
E.ON and German startup greenXmoney will support a crowdfunding platform that brings together renewable energy producers and private investors.
More than 20 European energy trading firms will conduct peer-to-peer trading in Europe’s wholesale energy market using blockchain technology.
03 Dec 2017 to 05 Dec 2017


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