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Wed 01 Nov 2017

As a distribution system operator, you need to extend the reach of smart grid into your networks to fulfil your Internet of Things strategy - from distribution automation to substation automation,

Hacker group Dragonfly is building its power sector attack capability, according to a new report.
Current data projects 72% penetration of smart meters for electricity across Europe by 2020.
An end to end security solution needs to secure the communications, operations and head end systems.
Security flaws in widely used protective relays demonstrate the need for a rigorous cybersecurity approach in the design and use of grid devices.
Organisations that don’t implement “effective” cybersecurity measures could face hefty fines.
Smart meter deployments bring new challenges around data management, validation and security.
The expertise gained from the collaboration of organisations in Europe, will help strengthen the electric grid’s resilience against cyber attacks.
Ireland’s National Cyber Security Centre is investigating a hacking attempt on the country’s energy network.
The European SPARKS project has developed solutions to address malware threats to control systems in the smart grid.


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