Opinion: If you're not 'doing' data, forget about digital commerce In a second guest article, Keith Brody, Head of Communications at DigitalRoute, shares the benefits of mastering data.
SSE issues 'largest ever' green bondUK energy company SSE aims to use capital raised through the £556m green bond to refinance its portfolio of onshore wind farms.
Energy efficiency – how to interest consumersAn energy score is compared with energy bill savings in engaging customers purchasing new appliances and electronic devices.
Deal to roll-out EV charge points on UK fuel forecourts signedChargePoint Services and Motor Fuel Group have signed a partnership deal for the roll-out of electric vehicle charging across UK forecourts.
90MW UK wind farm gets energy storageThe Burbo Bank offshore wind farm near Liverpool, UK, will feed energy into a 2MW battery storage system.
5G – what will it bring to the energy sector?5G should enable the next wave of smart grid and energy efficiency along with other benefits within the energy sector.
Utility customers – improving engagement through technologyThe cloud with offerings as a service is fundamental to the agile and innovative utility of the future.
Tapping into public connectivity - why utilities are becoming ‘asset lighter’A recent Ericsson smart meter deal highlights a trend to sharing communication networks to cut rollout costs.
Used EV batteries to charge EVs on Europe's motorwaysRenault is supplying Europe with its second-hand electric vehicle batteries for energy storage.
Breaking the US energy efficiency market – how one European player is tapping inMeazon has met a US Department of Energy challenge to bring to market a low cost wireless submetering system.
Norway to host the world's ‘largest’ and cleanest data centreThe data centre, which could be located in the Norwegian town of Ballangen, is predicted to draw over 1,000MW of clean energy.
Publicly-owned energy company to compete with Big SixA UK couple is taking on the Big Six with its consumer-owned company, People’s Energy.
Smart grid security vulnerabilities and how to deal with themSecurity flaws in widely used protective relays demonstrate the need for a rigorous cybersecurity approach in the design and use of grid devices.
Scotland’s offshore wind plans get £920k boostA new programme is aimed at optimising Scotland’s offshore wind development through a platform of research.
Lake Como goes all-electricItaly’s Lake Como is Europe’s first ‘electric destination’ after efforts to install a far-reaching electric-charging network were realised.
Norway - could it become the world’s first country to go 100% electric?Norway could become the world’s first fully electric-powered country by 2050, according to industry advisory body Energi Norge.
London’s £85m district heating infrastructure is taking shapeA new district heating network in London will help supply a £6bn business and housing development.
Renewables and energy efficiency – better together than in isolationRenewables and energy efficiency must work together to maximise their contribution to global energy decarbonisation.
ENA launches network flexibility consultationThe Energy Networks Association’s new consultation seeks views on modernising flexibility markets which are “no longer fit for purpose”
Norway – could smart drones monitor the power grid? Long range drones equipped with artificial intelligence could provide real time monitoring of power grids.

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