Engerati’s Year In Smart Energy - Looking Ahead To 2016Innovation and new market players will continue to disrupt the energy sector at an accelerating pace during 2016.
Smart Grid Progresses in India The building blocks are being put in place in India for smart grids that will support a high level of renewables and electrification for all.
E.ON Customer Engagement: The Business CaseBy changing its customer strategy and taking advantage of digital technologies, E.ON UK redesigned its entire customer experience.
Moving Towards 100% Renewable Generation In HawaiiAchieving 100% renewable generation will require collaboration among solution providers and other stakeholders.
Putting Business Needs Before TechnologyBy defining business needs from the outset, utilities can make more informed decisions about their technology needs for today and in the future.
Internet Of Things Is Faster Than Power StationsDynamic demand is able to contribute to grid frequency control faster than that provided by traditional peaking power generation.
Floating Solar Makes Energy On The WaterFloating solar comes to Britain, offering the potential to convert water bodies into energy generators.
Offshore Renewables – From Innovation To CommercializationThe UK’s Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult is driving innovation in offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.
Motor Race - Electric Or Hydrogen?Electric vehicles and hydrogen powered vehicles are both coming out of the blocks.
How Utilities Can Use IoT Technology To Save Energy In The Smart Grid EraThree ways to slash energy losses by up to 30% with connected technologies are available.
E.ON UK's Smart Meter 'Fine' UnpackedFacts and misunderstanding around E.ON UK’s recent smart meter investigation are corrected.
Re-Imagined Utilities in a Hyper-Connected WorldUtilities’ legacy way of thinking has to make way for a complete re-imagination so that business threats are turned into opportunities.
Supporting the Customer TransformationStart-ups are seeing some real value in the transformation of the energy consumer.
Research- Taking the Energy Sector To the Next Level Young talent and research institutions are equipping utilities with new and innovative business models, products and services.
Internet of Things Solutions for the Future GridIoT will help utilities address global grid digitisation demands and harness opportunities.
GB Smart Meters Delayed Again and Again...The truth about what's happening with the UK's smart metering deployment, according to Engerati member Nick Hunn.
Metering & Smart Energy International - A Week in Smart MeteringFrance's Linky Meter design and deployment schedule has impressed Rose Bundock, digital editor of Metering & Smart Energy International.
Big Data-Creating Big Business ValueUtilities should leverage data and analytics to raise productivity, improve decision making and gain a competitive advantage.
Creating a Firewall Solution for the Energy IndustryRohde & Schwarz has created a German-engineered next generation firewall solution with a single pass engine to help utilities secure their systems
Building a Smarter Grid in EuropeShared learnings, adaptation and government support in the form of mandates can boost smart grid development in Europe.

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The M2M and IoT space is moving very quickly. Partner selection is critical to long term success.
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As the utility sector faces ever-shrinking revenue streams and the on-going battle to manage CapEx and OpEx efficiency; analytics, intelligence and risk have never been more important.

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Mon 22 Feb 2016

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