Asia’s energy experts share their views liveAsian Utility Week provided a platform for Asia’s energy professionals to share their views of the changes occurring in the region’s energy sector.
Power line communication for smartsWork on PLC is creating a flexible solution for the tool kit, write Jean Philippe Faure and Jim LeClare.
China’s long term plans take the global wind market to new heightsAfter increasing its installed capacity, China now aims to shift its focus from scale expansion towards quality and efficiency.
The rise of the microgridIndia proposes to install 10,000 renewables based microgrids and minigrids in the next 5 years.
PG&E drops $192 million transmission projectClean distributed energy resources translate into a reduced utility investment in infrastructure and savings for consumers.
Building our energy future – the five disruptorsSmart Grid Australia identifies five key energy grid or market disruptors that should be addressed by the industry and customers.
Week in smart metering - electricity transformation unstoppableLow fossil fuel prices will fail to prevent a tip towards terminal decline, writes Amy Ryan, assistant editor, Metering & Smart Energy Internation
FERC to remove market barriers to energy storage systemsThe Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is taking a thorough and judicious approach to expanding the types of markets storage can participate in.
Clean energy trends – a snapshotSolar is leading clean energy developments but auto manufacturers are most active when it comes to patents.
Clean energy sector to empower Africa’s youth Green Shift Africa aims to harness green entrepreneurship opportunities in Africa to lower youth unemployment on the continent.
Cybersecurity: Framework for smart gridsA layered approach to utility cybersecurity is key, writes Reji Kumar Pillai, President, India Smart Grid Forum.
Utility owned microgrids questioned in MarylandBaltimore Gas and Electric’s (BGE) proposal to pilot two microgrids is recommended for rejection by PSC staff.
Out-thinking the storm – improving the customer experiencePredicting and managing outages with transparent communication will lead to a better customer experience.
Utilities and the customer capabilities gap-still a realityA Navigant survey shows that utility executives are still not confident in their utility’s abilities to cater for their customers’ complex demands.
Demystifying IoT: Navigating the trillion dollar industry Customer demand for meaningful data through, access to smarter, digital utility services is not the only catalyst driving IoT.
Week in smart metering - Renewables intermittency and negative pricingWhat does negative pricing means for utility companies, asks Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International?
Scotland’s offshore wind gets a boostThe 588MW Beatrice offshore wind farm has been given the green light for construction.
Prepayment – new opportunities for utilitiesA ‘central wallet’ provides a customisable and easily implementable solution for prepayment energy management.
Power line communication is ready for the smart grid todayAlberto Sendin and Inigo Berganza consider the suitability of PLC for 'smartening' power infrastructure.
Turkey – an emerging smart grid marketSmart metering, smart grids and smart cities are all emerging in Turkey, ICSG Istanbul 2016 revealed.

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Customer self service portals, present a great opportunity of cost savings for the utilities because of their lower transaction rates.

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Demand response presents an opportunity to take energy management to the next level.

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Automation is not new on the smart grid, however the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to provide a smarter grid which facilitates more information flow and connectivity throughout the Transmission

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