Utilities Lead Energy Savings By ExampleA coalition of Dutch utilities is cooperating to reduce their energy consumption and emissions.
World Bank Helps China Cleans Up Its ActChina’s US$10 million district heating system upgrade will help to reduce pollution levels.
South African Research Company Works Towards 100% Renewables CSIR leads by example by installing a 558kW ground-mounted solar photovoltaic plant on its campus.
UK Parliament Calls for Evidence on Smart Metering ProgrammeThe UK smart metering programme may render the smart meter obsolete, writes Engerati member Nick Hunn.
Week in Smart MeteringOur industry can demonstrate its value by using smart technology to solve devastating problems, writes Rose Bundock.
Prioritising Cybersecurity As “Tomorrow May Be Too Late”As the energy sector undergoes the digital transformation, cybersecurity should not be an afterthought.
Meeting The Investment Challenge in The Changing Energy MarketMercatus has secured US$11.7 million in funding to enhance its energy investment management platform.
Battery Energy Storage Is Economically Viable (In Some Cases)A regulatory framework that values storage is necessary to advance its use.
Electricity Authorities Face Severe Cybersecurity AttacksCyber attacks and attempts, regardless of severity, are causing tension in energy sectors around the world ….and they should.
A Return To The “Dumb“ Home? The recent Nest smart thermostat outages highlight severe problems with smart home technology.
Minigrids Demonstrate Potential For Rural Power DeliveryOmnigrid Micropower Company builds, owns and operates solar micro-power plants in rural India.
Does Ontario’s Energy Storage Markets Need Tweeking?While Ontario is making some serious inroads into their energy storage grid integration plans, the province lacks a competitive capacity market.
Unpacking The US Grid Modernization FundingThe US Department of Energy has awarded up to US$220 million for 88 grid modernization projects.
List of Cities to Go 100% Renewable Continues to GrowSan Diego has joined the long list of cities that are committing to 100% renewable power.
Week in Smart MeteringThere is a classic 'cart before the horse' situation unfolding in California, writes Rose Bundock, metering.com's digital editor.
Renewables, The Fourth Industrial Revolution And The Future Of ElectricityRenewables are set to drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution especially in the world’s fastest growing economies.
Australians Off The GridZen Energy represents a new and unique model of sustainable power generation, storage, delivery and retailing in Australia.
Gravity Energy – Source To Free Energy?New piezoelectric energy harvesting offers the potential of greatly improved efficiencies.
E.ON The Next Steps in Customer Engagement: ImplementationThe general atmosphere of poor customer satisfaction and low level of trust is forcing utilities to define a new customer strategy.
Time to Privatise South Africa’s Power SectorSouth Africa’s state owned utility expects consumers to pay for its ongoing mismanagement, resulting in billions of debt.

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