Digital Innovation – Enel’s ExperienceIn an uncertain and fast changing world utilities must adapt without delay and trying all new opportunities open to them.
Lessons From Customer Participation In Four Smart Grid ProjectsCustomer education and outreach are key ingredients for smart grid success
Renewable Integration To Strengthen Europe’s Energy SecurityAn integrated internal energy market in Europe will support the integration of local renewable energy sources.
Microgrids To Harden Connecticut’s GridUS$5 million has been awarded for two microgrid projects in Connecticut
Energy Storage Is One Solution to Attaining FlexibilityThe right framework should be developed to find the most sustainable and cost-effective solution for grid flexibility.
Superhomes Help Homeowners Achieve High Energy Efficiency LevelsThrough the Superhomes site, homeowners are able to learn more about energy efficiency
New Real-Time Demand Response Coming To MillionsA new real-time demand response optimization and management system can reach millions of end-points in near real-time.
MERiFIC Project Advancing Marine Energy in EuropeMERiFIC project identifies marine renewable energy resources in Europe’s peripheral and island communities. - A Week In Smart MeteringEnergy management within the smarter home is hotting up as a growth sector
Six Municipal-Led Resilient Power Projects Receive US$7.4 MillionMassachusetts supports power projects at critical facilities to improve storm resiliency.
A Holistic Approach Will Maximise The Utility Business Potential Many different value drivers can be achieved by adopting a broader view when deploying smart technologies within utilities.
Draft California Roadmap Points Way To Addressing Storage BarriersA roadmap is being drafted in California to advance the development of energy storage in the market.
Israeli Startup Responds to Energy Efficiency Goals With Its Innovative SolutionBy using occupants’ real-time location, the innovative solution offers an easy and low-cost way to use HVAC and lighting systems more efficiently.
SMUD Demonstrates Demand Response BenefitsDemand response is part of Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s strategy to manage peak demand.
Energyworx Disrupts The Energy World Using Google’s Cloud PlatformEnergyworx has developed a cloud platform on top of Google’s Cloud Platform, giving maximum insight into their energy use and production.
Grid Integration Of Renewables – Global Trends A stocktake of 176 renewables integration projects from around the world reveals some clear trends.
Oncor Demonstrates Dynamic Line Rating SystemOncor brings the theoretical benefits of dynamic line rating into the real world.
Mini-grids Coming To Rural TanzaniaFour mini-grids serving approximately 10,000 customers are to be developed in central Tanzania.
Energy Storage – The Key To Creating Energy CapacityThere is still a distortion between supply and demand, brought about by the lack of knowledge sharing.
Legal Misconceptions Should Not Stand In The Way of Massachusetts’ Microgrid Market DevelopmentA Harvard report says there are no legal barriers for the development of microgrids in Massachusetts.

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