Window of opportunity for energy efficiencyUS$31 million is being invested in the US to improve the energy efficiency of single-pane windows.
Renewables attractiveness – developing countries up, developed downMore evidence emerges of a shift in attractiveness of renewables to developing countries.
ERDF on the digitisation trailERDF's Christian Buchel, deputy CEO and Olivier Chatillon, a director of European Affairs talk about the Flexiciency project.
Week in smart metering - Vision for Africa's power sectorAfrica must drive the change to realize the opportunities, writes Claire Volkwyn, Editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
The next wave of solar on rooftopsNew buildings in San Francisco up to 10 storeys are required to have solar installed from January 2017.
Japan’s deregulation: When catastrophe leads to innovation in a stagnant energy marketJapan's nuclear disaster is now presenting new opportunities through the deregulation of its electricity market.
Transmission technologies to support the integration of renewable energyThe ‘potential improvement’ that FACTS and HVDC technologies are bringing to the grid are reviewed by ABB.
Renewables for AfricaThe demand to fund renewable energy developments in Africa is bubbling over, reports Mercatus.
From factory floor to under the stairs – smart meter journey considerationsJohn Peters, MD of Engage Consulting, advises suppliers on how to get their smart meters from China's factories to the box under the stairs.
UK businesses can gain all green credentials with 100% renewable electricityA renewable energy product linked to a guarantee of origin (REGO) has been launched by SSE.
Brexit-No good for UK’s clean energy plansEnvironment and sustainability professionals recognise that European membership provides the UK with both environmental and business benefits.
India’s energy storage on the increaseIndia’s first large-scale battery energy storage system has been launched, adding to the gathering storage momentum there.
Temporary power supporting renewables growthAs renewables continue to play a larger part of the global energy mix, temporary power will continue to play a vital role.
The Smart Grid-Empowered ConsumerNew research from the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative indicates that consumer segmentation can enhance customer empowerment strategies.
Week in Smart Metering - Promise of utility software solutionsNews has been circulating about utility software and solutions, writes Amy Ryan, deputy editor of Metering & Smart Energy International.
Another ‘results-based’ loan aimed to improve Sumatra’s grid accessA new World Bank results-based loan programme will help increase grid connectivity in Sumatra.
Virtual reality for Virtual Power Plant operationA central control and optimization system enables cost-effective VPPlant operation, writes Sleman Saliba, ABB Power Systems, Power Generation.
Scotland pioneers an IoT enabled neighbourhoodAn IoT initiative will demonstrate monitoring of energy and other conditions and assets in Scotland’s social housing.
The emerging market opportunity for renewablesRenewables projects in emerging markets are now yielding the highest returns, reports Mercatus.
Statoil’s slick clean energy storage plansNorwegian oil driller Statoil's energy storage and wind turbines project will be an alternative for supplying electricity to offshore rigs.

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