52MW solar-storage for French island territoriesSolar energy plus storage systems are to be installed on French islands to maximise use of the power generated.
Sweden’s eHighway-more efficient than conventional enginesThe new e-highway near Stockholm has been dubbed “the world’s most advanced stretch of pavement.”
Sustainable energy for all – how are we doing?Sustained action will be needed to achieve universal access to electricity by 2030.
Adapting AMI solutions to Asia’s needsInnovation and adaptation will see Asia’s advanced metering infrastructure reach new heights.
Smart cities: Adapting the concept to the African continentCities in Africa are following the example of some of the major metropolises around the world including Tokyo, London, Paris, New York and Dubai.
EVs and closing the emissions gapElectric vehicles have a central role to play in policy or technology portfolios designed to reduce emissions.
Cuba offers new solar investment opportunitiesBritish companies are securing opportunities for new medium and utility-scale solar projects in Cuba.
Distributed generation will bridge Africa’s power gapExperts say that distributed generation should be seriously considered by Africa to eradicate its power poverty.
Cryogenic energy storage gets development push in EuropeThe EU CryoHub project will investigate the potential of cryogenic energy storage to integrate renewable energy in industrial food refrigeration.
Week in smart metering - US utilities in the spotlightUS power utilities have been recognized for smart grid excellence, writes Amy Ryan, deputy editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
Climate change –forcing business to innovateFighting climate change has become a smart strategy for companies wanting to prosper in the future.
Enel calls for disruption in energyA crowdfunding platform is being offered to innovative energy start-ups in Italy to grow their businesses.
South Africa to learn from Germany’s PV experiencesGerman Solar Association will help boost South Africa’s PV development through a signed agreement.
Britain’s networks set for a shakeupFormation of an Independent System Operator (ISO) and transition of DNOs to DSOs are proposed for UK energy.
Customer satisfaction - a business differentiator for utilitiesUtilities need to realise that traditional quality models do not guarantee customer satisfaction.
Five principles for Europe’s clean energy transitionAction needs to be taken in Europe to avoid losing its leadership status in clean energy research and innovation.
Asia-Pacific’s growth will lead to unsustainable energyAPEC countries will face unsustainable dependence on fossil fuels if it doesn’t double its renewable generation goals.
The North Sea – Gas and wind talk synergiesNorth Sea oil and gas and offshore wind and grid operators are to cooperate in developing the North Sea’s energy potential.
Ten-year forward look to Europe’s transmission networks200 transmission and storage projects for a total of €150 billion are proposed for Europe’s networks.
Week in smart metering - Brexit and energyWhat does Brexit mean for energy in UK, asks Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International?

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