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Germany’s Demand Response Market - A Major Opportunity EnerNOC views Germany as its linchpin of their European demand response strategy.
Technology - Lead Energy Assurance and DeliverySecurity of energy supply is topping priorities around the world and new technology developments are responding.
Top Six Customer Service MisconceptionsImprove customer service perception by avoiding some basic mistakes.
The 5 Steps Towards Effective Customer Engagement Utilities need to ask how mature their customer engagement strategy is.
Smart Grid - Empowering Customers and Improving Reliability National Grid is putting customer interaction at the core of its smarter electric network
The First Solar Powered Round-the-World FlightThe first solar powered round-the-world flight is an ambitious step towards decarbonising air travel.
Optimization - A Priority in Utility Business Models Power producers should consider optimizing their power generation assets.
Dealing With Renewables Integration Power companies are struggling to maintain reliability while integrating new sources of generation
Bridging The Gap Between Distributors And CustomersFor energy companies, adhering to traditional business models is no longer sustainable.
Grid-Based Technology Could be the Answer to Shaving Peak Residential Electricity Demand Residential demand response is becoming not only more feasible, but more critical.
Energy Storage-Benefits for the Entire Electricity Supply Chain A decentralized energy system with storage will redefine what it means to have a robust and resilient power grid.
Understanding the True Value of Demand ResponseThe process to properly value demand response has been changing for both utilities and market operators.
Encryption-A Matter of Trust?The protection of the cryptographic key and data is based on trust.
Creating Trust With Smart Meter DataRegulatory, operational and control issues are driving the need for secure data transmission.
Cybersecurity-No Finish LineSmart grid security relies on real-time prevention, detection and correction.
Egypt Invests in Smart Grid TechnologiesSmart grid technologies will stabilize the power transmission network in remote parts of Egypt.
Bi-Directional Inverter Assists with Load Balancing Strategies The bi-directional inverter enables storage systems to react in real time to capacity and price signals.
Company Turns To Kickstarter For Smart Home InnovationUK company geo turns to tech savvy kickstarter crowd to speed up its smart home offering.
Smart Grid-Smart Building Link Calls for a New Utility Business ModelThe new level of interconnectivity between smart buildings and the smart grids will prompt utilities to alter their business processes.
Renewable Energy Growth Reliant on a Business CaseFor renewable energy to develop further, a sound business case must be in place.

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As on-premises energy storage reaches a tipping point of affordability, what impact will this have on the grid and the utility business model?
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Thu 22 May 2014
With the multitude of energy storage solutions available this webcast guides you through the options and gives you a roadmap to building the solution mix for
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Thu 16 Oct 2014