Energy Firms Partner To Enhance Microgrid DeliveryA group of eleven energy product and service providers are partnering to improve the delivery of microgrids and distributed generation projects.
Regulation and Incentives Will Build a Reliable GridThe right regulation and support mechanisms must be in place to enhance grid stability and reliability.
ABB Supplies Cable for the UK’s Offshore Wind Farm ExtensionDong Energy has ordered a US$30 million high-voltage AC cable system to help the UK integrate more wind power.
Samsung Gets its Piece of the Smart HomeYet another electronic company makes a major play for the smart home space - are utilities even in the game?
Wind Energy Breaks US RecordsUS transmission upgrades and appropriate policies clear the path for wind energy development.
Con Edison’s Distribution System Improved With Smart Grid TechnologiesSmart grid technologies are at the heart of Con Edison’s distribution system modernization efforts
Major Investments Needed in Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure Globally Transmission and distribution infrastructure investments are expected to reach US$198 billion by 2024
The Energy Industry Sees Value in Data Analytics The energy industry is expected to spend a total of US$7 billion on big data and analytics this year.
Enhanced Data Management And Cyber Awareness Underpins Georgia System Operator’s Smart Grid UpgradeData management and control center improvements have enabled Georgia System Operations Corporation to modernize its bulk power operations.
Interconnected Microgrids Light the Way for AfricaMicrogrids are a huge opportunity for Africa’s developing countries.
Africa Needs Long-Term SolutionsThe Export-Import Bank of the United States wants to create a sustainable power sector in Africa.
Lebanon Gets Ready for Smart Metering Roll-OutBefore the national smart meter roll-out, the power infrastructure, to support smart meters, has to be brought to an appropriate level.
Africa’s Local Resources Are Good for Sustainability and Low Power PricesAfrica is transforming into an investor’s dream with all the right resources and supply chains.
How Can Suppliers Tackle Energy Billing Vs. Settlement Challenges?Achieving the right balance between settlement and billing is not easy, explains Richard Cullen, Practice Director at Engage Consulting.
Political Risk Continues to Slow Energy Development in AfricaTo attract foreign investment into Africa, the Islamic Development Bank offers investors political risk insurance.
Microgrids – Key Regulatory PerspectivesCalifornia regulators have opened the discussion on the interconnection and interaction of microgrids with the larger grid.
More Microgrids Coming To Remote Villages In IndiaMicrogrids are seen as a primary strategy for rural electrification in India, but financing remains a key issue.
South Africa Develops its Energy MixSouth Africa plans to improve its energy mix in order to provide a more reliable source of power.
African Development Bank Helps to Mitigate Risk in ProjectsBy improving risk mitigation, Africa’s energy projects will become more bankable.
Africa Finally Embraces Private Power African countries are realizing that that private power and investment will improve their electricity access significantly.

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