Africa Must Be More Proactive When Seeking InvestmentAfricans need to make themselves more visible to investors and energy conferences is one way in which to do this.
Five key elements to successful outage planningConscientious planning of an outage will reduce risk and make it easier for staff to work effectively.
Significant Rise in the Adoption of Home Energy Management Solutions Interest in energy management is projected to leap from seven percent to 57% in the next five years.
Is Google and Nest’s Thread a ZigBee Killer?ZigBee may soon start looking a bit Threadbare, writes Engerati member Nick Hunn.
Siemens Wins its First Wind Power Project in BelgiumThe wind power project will be directly linked to the smart grid allowing for agile control of the generation mix.
GEI Global Energy Partners with AISVEC for Italy Fuel Cell Deployment Strategic partnership will lower energy costs in Italy and eventually Europe.
Smart Transportation and the Energy Sector Attract Most ICT InvestmentsThe deployment of Information and Communication Technologies for the creation of smart cities is gaining strong momentum
Chile’s Mining Sector Boosts Energy Sector Opportunities Chile’s electricity market is set to reach an estimated US$2.70 billion by 2016.
US Department of Energy to Offer More Funding to Renewables and Energy Efficiency DevelopmentThe Department of Energy is offering an additional US$4 billion in loan guarantees for innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.
EU Sustainable Energy Week – A View from the StudioEuropean Sustainability Initiatives, Interviews and Commentary From The Recent EU Sustainable Energy Week Engerati Live Studio.
Africa Can Get Its Electricity Faster Fast tracking energy into Africa could be the answer to the continent’s extremely low access to grid power.
Africa Energy Forum-A Good Place to Close DealsThe Africa Energy Forum event has grown considerably and continues to attract investors around the world.
Africa’s Energy Sector Set to Grow Without Bottlenecks A lack of political will can slow the development of power projects.
Africa’s Smaller Power Projects Are Growing in VolumeInvestors are becoming increasingly aware of the significant opportunities that smaller power projects offer.
Electric Grid Security Study Gets US$1mThe US has approved a US$1 million smart grid study to determine how best to strengthen, modernise and upgrade the electric grid.
Telefónica’s New Role in Smart Meter RolloutCGI has signed up Telefónica UK to offer energy companies additional communication services in the initial stages of meter deployment.
Nigeria Powers AheadThe Transmission Company of Nigeria needs US$1.1 billion per year to expand its network.
Africa’s Power Projects Need Private FundingThe early stages of power projects are not receiving sufficient funding and support in Africa.
Africa Needs to Focus More on Electricity AccessWhile a great deal of focus is being placed on energy security, more should be done to improve Africa’s low electricity access levels.
Concentrated Solar Power Highly Beneficial for AfricaThe flexibility and peak shifting ability of concentrated solar power will be an advantage.

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More and more residential homes and small enterprises are expected to play an active role in modifying their energy spending patterns by monitoring their actual consumption in real time.

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An update from the BioCat Project, a project demonstrating the technical and economic potential of a cutting-edge energy storage technology the project sets to design, engineer, construct and test a c
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Power-to-Gas is a technology capable of storing large amounts of excess electricity produced in energy systems with high penetration of intermittent renewables - mainly wind and solar.

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