Finding a Sustainable Solution for Electrification in AfricaInnovative business models and a drop in solar tech costs will see Africa’s off grid renewables projects grow.
Mission Possible With Network Group EncryptionNetwork group encryption (NGE) has emerged as a powerful new MPLS-based encryption solution, writes Alcatel-Lucent’s Hansen Chan.
Utilities Must Adopt A Long Term VisionTo achieve success in projects, technology solutions should be adopted with the end goal in mind. - A Week in Smart MeteringWater meter market is set to grow in response to increasing pressure to reduce water consumption, writes's Content Editor, Rose Bund
Japan’s Solar Market Opportunities Snapped Up By Foreign FirmsNew products and strategic partnerships around the globe are pushing Japan’s solar market to a new level of development.
Innovation Takes RWE Towards The Future Energy SystemNew products and services for consumers offer a pathway to the future for utilities.
Early Justification of Smart Network Projects a NecessityThe aim of smart meter and network projects must be justified at the beginning of the project, not during rollout.
Organic Photovoltaics Are Enabling New Solar Market OpportunitiesOrganic photovoltaics can deliver ultra-thin and flexible solar panels which lead to innovation across many sectors.
Norway’s Transmission Grid Upgrade -The Bigger PictureNorway’s transmission grid upgrade has wider implications for the Nordic region and Continental Europe.
Appliance Energy Efficiency Platform To Boost Customer EngagementAppliance energy performance data forms the basis for a utility marketplace.
Is India Ready For Power Boost?India will be doubling its gas imports but its transmission infrastructure may be lacking.
Cisco Bets US$1bn on UK Internet of Things MarketThe energy sector is one of the top four Internet of Things opportunity sectors in the UK.
The ICT Sector Fuels Renewables GrowthInternet companies are playing a major role in the expansion of the renewables market and should be encouraged further. - A Week in Smart MeteringJapan's plans to liberalise its electricity system will make an interesting case study.
Off-Grid Power: A Realistic and Viable Option for India? With strong government support of off-grid development, India could meet its access goals quicker.
Residential Solar Market-New Growth Opportunity for ConEdison and Georgia PowerUtilities turn the threat of distributed generation into a business opportunity.
Energy Storage Innovations Boosting Renewables and Disrupting MarketsEnergy storage is poised for massive growth - as technologies advance and costs decline it will have a disruptive effect in the energy value chain.
Solar Potential in Small Commercial Sector Finally RecognisedSolarCity snaps up the neglected solar potential in the small commercial market.
New York Goes For Community Energy In A Big WayCommunity microgrids and renewable energy ownership opportunities are coming to New York.
Honeywell Elster Deal Shows Utility Metering Evolving Into Something BiggerThe energy market is recognizing the broader value in smart products and services.

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