Rebuilding Customers’ Trust Through Better CommunicationUtilities can reach their consumers effectively by tapping into the key moments and experiences that matter most.
Demand Response Streamlined In New YorkCon Edison has deployed Alstom’s DRMS platform to manage its growing demand response activities.
Innovation Coming To MicrogridsMicrogrids are a major area of focus for Schneider Electric, especially islands without grid power. - A Week in Smart Metering The story that claimed top billing this week on smart metering news portal has to be the delay of the UK’s smart meter rollout.
Enriching The Customer ExperienceThe more enriched the relationship with customers, the more likely they are to be delighted with the service provided.
British Gas Is Bringing Innovation To Their CustomersBritish Gas aims to interact differently with its customers through its strong innovation agenda.
Batteries For Electric Vehicles – Co-existence Of Technologies Is NeededThe various battery technologies have specific performance profiles serving a well-defined purpose in automotive applications.
Robots Coming To Deploy MicrogridsA mobile robotic microgrid with potential for civilian and military disaster recovery is moving towards becoming a reality.
Big Data Improves Utility OperationsHarnessing the growing volume of data from the grid enables a proactive approach to utility operations.
Transactive Energy – The Future Energy Trading PlatformEmerging customer participation in the energy market is giving rise to the concept of transactive energy.
Island of Texel Joins Europe’s Growing Number of Energy CommunitiesEnergy communities are being established in response to high utility bills and unreliable power.
Integrated System Enables German Homes To Generate and Store Their Own Solar Power An integrated energy storage product, Q. Home, has been manufactured to give the German residential sector its power independence.
Schneider Electric and Awesense Inc. To Develop Joint Offers To Reduce Losses On Distribution NetworksSchneider Electric and Awesense Inc. have signed an agreement to commercialize complementary offers to reduce network grid losses.
Established Data Analytics Firm Creates Bigger Value for UtilitiesA service based model with an established data firm is a smarter way for utilities to obtain value from data.
Utility Connectivity – Think Telecoms Ericsson is expanding its expertise to provide connectivity and services to utilities.
Sustainable Energy For Remote Indonesian GridsA project is underway to accelerate deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency on islands and remote grids in Indonesia.
Intelligence Coming To The Grid EdgeItron’s newly launched Riva technology is leading the way to realizing the smart grid vision.
Gridding Buildings For StorageA fleet of hybrid-electric buildings is to be developed as a storage resource for Southern California Edison.
European Utility Week 2014 Innovation Award Winner – VentyxVentyx’s Outage Lifecycle Management solution wins the Innovation Award at European Utility Week.
Is Your Business Ready To Make The Most Of The Smart Metering Challenge?Smart meters present both challenges and opportunities to Britain’s energy sector, writes John Peters, Managing Director, Engage Consulting.

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