New York Energy Vision Reform A Step CloserThe New York State Energy Plan is aimed at building a clean, resilient, and affordable energy system.
Philippine Island’s Ailing Energy Sector Needs Investment Philippine island Mindanao appeals to investors for help with its energy generation and distribution goals.
UMEME Uganda’s Key Strategies: Access and GrowthLoss reduction, increase in access and customer engagement is at the top of UMEME Uganda’s list of priorities. - A Week in Smart asks whether countries are cutting corners to reach smart meter rollout deadlines.
The African power landscape – A continent on the tipping point?The African power mix, the rise of renewables, infrastructure investment and the role of temporary power.
View Asia’s Grid Modernisation Efforts As a JourneyThe diverse needs of Asia should be catered for by offering customers both short term and long term solutions.
European Transmission Priorities To 2030Proposed European transmission development and project priorities have been released for consultation by ENTSO-E.
Hawaii Looks To 100% RenewablesHawaii is the first US state to set a 100% renewable target for the electricity sector.
Asia’s Diverse Energy Needs Are Creating Large Market OpportunitiesIn order to take advantage of Asia’s energy market opportunities, vendors need to understand the region’s varying needs and regulations.
Developing Markets in Africa Offer PotentialLocal partnerships will give vendors a better understanding of local energy needs.
Asian Countries Must Look Beyond Their Boundaries for Energy Security Distributed power grids will strengthen Asia’s access to clean energy and improve energy security.
Pitcairn Islands Looks To RenewablesIn this guest editorial Jacqui Christian, Pitcairn Islands government’s European Representative, outlines plans to move to renewable generation.
Smart Meters Not Yet Aimed At Reducing ConsumptionChina’s smart meter rollout, the world’s largest, is focusing on efficient billing and load control, not energy efficiency.
Afghanistan’s Energy Sector Has A Bright FutureWith the help of foreign aid and strong governmental backing, Afghanistan’s power sector offers investors great opportunity.
Let Smart Technology “Take the Wheel”Home automation will cut energy costs and enable the reinvention of utilities but first trust in technology must be built.
Smart Metering And Loss Reduction Are Priorities In AfricaAfrica can leapfrog to smarter societies with initiatives that best fit local needs.
US$5m Competition Helps Africa Harness its Renewable PotentialAccess Infra Africa has announced two winners of the inaugural Access Co-Development Fund.
Transformer Maintenance Could Extend Lifespan of Equipment LifespanShell’s new Gas to Liquids transformer oil could help Africa’s utilities to improve transformer reliability and efficiency.
Asia’s Diverse Power Challenges Offer Great OpportunitiesWhile Asian countries tackle different priorities in the power sector, it is clear that smart grids could unlock many opportunities for the region.
UK Onshore Windfarm Subsidies Take A CutThe UK government is ending public subsidies for new windfarms and giving local residents the final say on new developments in their areas.

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