Metering & Smart Energy International - A Week in Smart MeteringMetering & Smart Energy International digital editor Rose Bundock recognises the need for innovation in the energy industry.
UK Power Networks Wins the Industry Innovation AwardUK Power Networks’ Flexible Urban Networks LV (FUN-LV) project is recognised for its innovativeness at European Utility Week.
Energy Systems Integration Challenges FutureIntegration of new technologies, products and services is key to the energy system of tomorrow.
Australian Households To Lead the Energy RevolutionAustralia has a large market for energy storage, with a high number of residential solar users that could benefit from storage technologies.
Revolutionising the Energy Sector Through DigitilisationUtilities can build stronger customer relationships by gamifying energy consumption.
Quality Digital Management Systems To Support Quality Decision MakingGE Digital Energy helps utilities and telco's optimise their smart grid & network investments by ensuring quality decision making.
Use More Energy-Towards a UK Energy PolicyConsumers shouldn't have to save energy –they should demand more, writes Engerati member Nick Hunn.
Uncovering Network Flexibility Through DataLimejump, a technology driven utility, writes that a dramatic shift in the energy system is necessary to meet the EU 2030 carbon emission targets.
Northern Powergrid Innovates With Active Network ManagementA system for active network management with high renewable penetration has been developed for UK’s Northern Powergrid by Siemens.
Moving beyond the smart grid to the active gridMoving beyond the smart grid to the intelligent grid will change the smart meter business case.
Energy Efficiency And Renewables Have SynergiesImplementing energy efficiency measures and renewable energy options at the same time accelerates the rate of annual energy intensity improvements.
The Uno, Dos, Tres of Smart Energy AnalyticsIn this article eInfochips discusses major trends underlying the smart analytics revolution and how to extract meaningful business decisions.
Digitalization -the next lever to create value out of dataArmed with new technology and transformed business models, utilities can drive the change.
Metering & Smart Energy International - A Week in Smart MeteringEuropean energy suppliers continue to wrestle with cyber attacks, writes Rose Bundock, digital editor of Metering & Smart Energy International.
Combined Solutions Are Giving Utilities a Competitive EdgeAs a combined solution, Ciber’s Utility-in-a-Box and Energyworx’ BIG Data Crunching platform, help utilities to transform their business model.
Building The Utility of The FutureTo prosper in the new energy sector of the future, utilities need a supportive regulatory framework and a more innovative outlook.
What Is The Engaged Customer Worth To You?Looking beyond today, the engaged customer represents the difference between extinction and survival of the utility business.
Digitisation of the Utility – A Step by Step ApproachUtilities must develop a digital model in order to provide a reliable and safe grid service of the future.
Getting To Know Your Customers-Without Meter DataIn today’s competitive energy market, retail providers need a different kind of data-driven advantage.
Metering & Smart Energy International - A Week in Smart MeteringMetering & Smart Energy International asks which communication technology will ensure a reliable transmission of smart meter data.

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