Billing and customer care in competitive energy retail marketsBilling and customer care solutions need to be chosen wisely by utilities if they are to compete in a highly competitive market.
A second line of defence for the energy sectorThe transformation of the energy sector is being driven by changing business strategy and cybersecurity is being prioritised.
Solar Impulse achieves solar energy firstSolar Impulse’s circumnavigation of the globe under solar power paves the way for decarbonisation of air transport.
How IoT data analytics is remaking the energy sectorAdvanced analytics is key to managing the dynamic distribution grid, writes Neil Barry, Senior Director EMEA, Space-Time Insight.
Week in smart metering - Augmented reality for utilitiesAugmented reality presents interesting opportunities in the utility sector, writes Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
The Future Power System Architecture - has it delivered? Sacha Meckler, CEO of Meckon Limited, summarises the launch of the GB Future Power System Architecture report.
TEPCO readies itself for Japan’s electricity market deregulationHiroshi Yamaguchi, EVP and CTO at Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (TEPCO) discusses the company's market liberalisation strategy.
Idaho Power –putting solar power into community’s handsIdaho’s voluntary Community Solar Pilot Programme gives participants the opportunity to use solar energy where they couldn’t before.
Demand response aggregation in EuropeUSEF is developing aggregator models for the demand response market in Europe.
Aligning customer centricity and innovation in Asia’s energy sectorThere is a growing need for innovation in-line with changing consumer paradigms in Asia’s energy sector.
Elon Musk’s master planSolar, energy storage and electric vehicles are at the core of Elon Musk’s Master Plan, part 2.
Radical tariff to boost solar PV development and eradicate energy povertyA solar project in Cornwall, UK could be a template for solar industry business models faced with zero subsidies.
The rise of the KEPCO ‘supergrid’KEPCO has made major strides toward its vision of becoming the “global top green and smart energy pioneer.”
Week in smart metering - Iran's energy market opens for businessIran’s energy market is poised for significant investment, writes Amy Ryan, deputy editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
Hydrogen mobility gets a boost in EuropeHydrogen Mobility Europe will deploy more than 1,500 fuel cell vehicles and almost 50 hydrogen refuelling stations across western Europe.
LPWA-Disruptive new networks for IoTLow power wide area networks are one of the most far-reaching trends in M2M and IoT, writes Aapo Markannen.
Steps towards a North Atlantic energy networkNorth Atlantic countries have high renewable energy potential which could be exploited through a North Atlantic electrical grid.
Utilities in the AGE of the INTERNET OF THINGS- Creating an Active Grid for IoTRoberto Aiello, Itron discusses how utilities can capitalise on the potential of connected devices.
Portugal runs for 107 hours on renewablesPortugal demonstrates significant progress towards a sustainable energy system.
Brexit – UK and Europe energy outlookAn independent United Kingdom may affect the European Union’s chances of meeting reduced carbon goals but which way will the UK itself go?

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