How Cloud is Driving Competition and Transformation in the Power and Utilities SectorThe utility sector should adopt cloud technology to improve data assimilation and analytics, says Meridium's Shawn Lifrage in this guest editoria
Connecting Renewables to the Grid-Still Too SlowSluggish administration is to blame for the slow connection of renewable energy. - A Week in Smart Metering Renewable energy in the utility sector is coming of age, writes's editor Rose Bundock.
Ireland Wants To Be A Renewables Leader Despite PenaltiesIreland has announced its desire to work alongside Scotland to develop its clean energy portfolio.
Reykjavik Energy Modernises its Distribution NetworkIceland’s utility company Reykjavik Energy is upgrading its grid with General Electric’s software.
ABB To Support The Electrics of PETRONAS’ FLNG FacilityWith the inherent geographic flexibility and low environmental impact of a floating LNG facility, the concept has gained much interest.
Transportation – Key For Carbon ReductionEngaging with communities is key to introducing new transportation solutions.
Europe’s Solar Eclipse – Outcomes On The Transmission GridThe March 20th solar eclipse was successfully managed by European TSOs.
Texas Advanced Energy Market Worth US$16 Billion In 2014Renewables and energy efficiency are driving Texas’ advanced energy market and energy storage is now within reach.
Solar Microgrids For FijiThree solar microgrids, with a combined capacity of 555kW, will meet almost half the electricity demands of three Fijian islands.
UK Proposes Three New Continental InterconnectorsNew interconnectors with continental Europe will provide almost 7GW additional capacity to UK.
Energy Efficiency Requires Behavioural ChangeEnergy efficiency needs a call to action, especially among young people.
South Africa’s Solar Development Looks Bright But Much Work To Be DoneSouth Africa’s solar production increases by 35% over a three month period.
First Energy Invests US$225 million in Mon Power’s Transmission & Distribution InfrastructureFirst Energy’s infrastructure investment will reinforce the system and support economic development MonPower’s service area.
West Penn Power Invests US$48 million in its Transmission InfrastructureWest Penn’s transmission infrastructure upgrade will improve service reliability and prepare the grid for load growth.
PG&E’s Smart Meter Rollout - A Customer ProjectPG&E approached its large-scale smart meter rollout by focusing on the value for its customers.
Energy Storage To Benefit From Graphene R&DA roadmap for graphene developments over the next 10 years should improve the performance and viability of energy storage and fuel cells. - A Week in Smart Metering Does Europe's smart meter rollouts need another level of monitoring, asks Rose Bundock, content editor of
Misconception Stands in the Way of Solar in Latin AmericaMany Latin American businesses don’t realize that solar is cheaper than grid power.
Consider Variables Before Installing Heat Pumps and District Heating SystemsThe appropriate choice and installation of heat pumps and district heating systems will reduce carbon emissions.

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