Smart Power, Smart Meters and Smart BatteriesNick Hunn, Engerati member, talks about breaking the protection racket of consumer savings.
Floating Solar Farms Power Up To Boost SustainabilityFloating solar systems are providing power, clean water as well as a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.
UK Community Develops Windfarm Without Government HelpCommunity groups are seeing the value of clean energy and are increasingly investing in its development with or without government subsidies.
Analytics Challenges In A Renewable Energy ParadigmDemand response, energy flow modelling and situational intelligence are areas where data analytics is making an impact on utility operations.
Week in Smart Metering - A Changing IndustrySmart water metering appears to be a burgeoning industry sector, writes Rose Bundock, digital editor of
Telcos Eye German Energy MarketTelcos are playing an increasingly important role as communications providers to utilities.
The Internet Of Things Will Transform UtilitiesInternet of Things connectivity opens the way for new utility services and business models.
Iceland – Brand Green EnergyEnergy branding is becoming increasingly important to differentiate companies and countries.
DONG Energy Sees Value In Smart MetersDONG Energy is to install a turnkey smart meter solution from Kamstrup for one million customers in Denmark.
KEPCO Leads Way With Battery Storage For Frequency RegulationThe world’s largest Li-NMC battery storage system for frequency regulation has been installed on South Korea’s grid.
Automobile Firms Rush to Grab Their Piece of the Energy Storage MarketA German “gigafactory” is about to be developed by Daimler to supply batteries for EVs and residential energy systems.
Here come the Meteorologists! Business Critical Forecasting for RenewablesAs the European energy market homogenises and is used for balancing demand and supply, the need to predict renewable generation becomes critical.
When an Electric Vehicle Outstrips Luxury Car SalesTesla’s electric vehicle success is creating a major disruption in the automobile industry.
SolarCity Snaps Up Opportunities in Hawaii’s Energy SectorHawaii’s ambitious clean energy goals are opening the door to a number of market opportunities.
Smart Cities Take Shape Around Energy And WaterNew technologies are facilitating Internet of Things based smart cities across the world.
Africa’s First Solar Powered Airport Works Toward Grid IndependenceSouth Africa’s George Airport is one of nine in the country that is aiming to reduce grid dependence.
Week in Smart Metering - Despatches From JapanJapan's plans to create a more stable and resilient power grid offers much to learn from, writes's Rose Bundock.
Plant Trees To Save EnergyStreets without trees can be up to 9oC hotter than those with trees and grassed areas.
Oil Money Flows to RenewablesRenewable energy is becoming increasingly viable, a trend that could be a game-changer for investors who are turning their backs on fossil fuels.
Envision America – Ten Smart Cities Take ShapeLearning from Envision Charlotte ten US cities are supported in their smart city developments.

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