African Utility Week - Is Africa Open for Business?Africa’s utilities need to transform themselves as they tackle challenges holistically.
Bladeless Wind Turbines To Cut Energy Costs by 40%Spanish firm, Vortex Bladeless, is designing bladeless wind masts that will cut manufacturing and maintenance costs.
Creating A More Open Interconnected Grid Architecture- NiceGrid’s ExperiencesThere is a need for grid control architectures to move towards a new layered architecture interconnecting devices within the grid perimeter.
Minnesota Power To Build Transmission Line To Manitoba For HydropowerThe new Minnesota line will allow Manitoba Hydro to provide storage for Midwest renewables.
Prepayment Becomes A Lifestyle Choice For CustomersEmbracing prepayment will give suppliers the competitive edge, says Phil Bridgwater of Engage Consulting.
E.ON Saving Energy Toolkit Passes One Million UK SignupsCustomer engagement is a key tool for utility providers facing up to the challenges of the free market energy economy.
Introducing A New Era Of Substation AutomationBy bridging the gap between analogue and digital technologies, a wide range of opportunities are being created for the modern utility.
Sustainable Energy For All – How Are We Doing?Investment in sustainable energy globally needs to triple to achieve universal access and other 2030 objectives.
What Can The Internet of Things Learn From Substation Automation?Connected devices responding to each other and the world around them is like grid automation, writes Bill Ray of ABB.
Partnership Simplifies Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme ComplianceThe partnership between performance analytics firm IES and energy management platform provider EnergyDeck will make ESOS compliance easier.
Reliability Standards For Space Weather EventsFERC has proposed a new standard to address vulnerability of transmission systems to geomagnetic disturbances. - A Week in Smart Metering Africa is, without question, the next frontier for smart meters, writes Rose Bundock, content editor of
15 European Energy Infrastructure Projects Receive FundingFunding has been given to support the upgrade and development of Europe’s energy and transmission infrastructure.
Solar Is The Future For US EnergySolar energy holds the best potential for meeting US long-term energy needs but requires lower cost technologies and more effective deployment.
Illinois’ 31.5 MW Grand Ridge Energy Storage At Solar Site Goes OnlineInvenergy has announced the start of commercial operations of its 31.5MW Grand Ridge energy storage project in La Salle County, Illinois.
Tonga Power Gets its First Solar Facility with Rapid StabilisationTonga’s 1MW solar facility will contribute to the South Pacific island’s clean energy goals.
Norway’s Skagerak Nett Gets Ready to Deploy 180,000 Smart MetersNorway’s smart meter deployment will support the large-scale modernization of its power grid.
Energy Sector At Forefront Of IoT Adoption In IndiaSmart city corridors and energy management are among the drivers of Internet of Things in India.
Lessons From Cyber Attack SimulationCyber attack simulation can provide key lessons for preparedness and response.
Three Innovative Companies Fight Back With New IdeasEnergy technology innovation is the path to a strong economic and social future for utilities.

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Learn from first-hand experience by ERDF how to leave behind the centralised, one-way system and its production-heavy methods of load management in favour of an open, interconnected architecture in wh
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Thu 04 Jun 2015
The concept of a digital substation has long been an insubstantial thing – an ideal vision of all-knowing substations networked into an intelligent grid.
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Thu 11 Jun 2015

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