List of Cities to Go 100% Renewable Continues to GrowSan Diego has joined the long list of cities that are committing to 100% renewable power.
Week in Smart MeteringThere is a classic 'cart before the horse' situation unfolding in California, writes Rose Bundock,'s digital editor.
Renewables, The Fourth Industrial Revolution And The Future Of ElectricityRenewables are set to drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution especially in the world’s fastest growing economies.
Australians Off The GridZen Energy represents a new and unique model of sustainable power generation, storage, delivery and retailing in Australia.
Gravity Energy – Source To Free Energy?New piezoelectric energy harvesting offers the potential of greatly improved efficiencies.
E.ON The Next Steps in Customer Engagement: ImplementationThe general atmosphere of poor customer satisfaction and low level of trust is forcing utilities to define a new customer strategy.
Time to Privatise South Africa’s Power SectorSouth Africa’s state owned utility expects consumers to pay for its ongoing mismanagement, resulting in billions of debt.
Renewable Energy Plans: UK Takes Huge Step Backwards While Others Move ForwardThe UK’s government is working towards an unsustainable energy future while other countries snap up opportunities in the renewable energy sector.
Europe – Energy Projects of Common InterestThe second list of European Projects of Common Interest includes 195 key energy infrastructure projects.
Week in Smart MeteringConsumers bemoan poor service from energy companies but lack motivation to do anything about it, comments's digital editor, Rose Bun
Modernizing The Power GridThe US grid modernization plan provides a blueprint for other utilities and countries.
India’s Rail Service on Track for Cleaner EnergyIndian Railways is manufacturing locomotives that will run on diesel and electricity.
The 9 Lives Of An Energy Company: What Does The Energy Company Of The Future Look Like?A pattern is emerging in the transformation of energy companies to the future, writes Haresh Patel, CEO of Mercatus.
E.ON Jumps On The Energy Storage BandwagonThe Tesla effect has given the energy storage market a serious kick.
World Energy Council - Energy Storage Value UnderestimatedSolar and wind energy storage costs are projected to reduce by up to 70% by 2030.
The Connected Home Market Race is On!Jon Carter, UK Head of Business Development-Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom talks on how to secure market traction in the connected home.
South Africa’s Solar Market Needs Innovative Financing South Africa’s rooftop solar market is quickly falling behind the rest of the world’s due to rebate uncertainty and lack of finance options.
Nuclear Energy AdvancesNuclear energy advances ensure a continuing role in long-term decarbonization of the energy sector.
The Real Value of An Eco HomeThe Eco home may still prove to be a worthwhile investment for utilities and consumers even without the pay-outs.
Masdar Innovates On Solar, StorageNew solar PV technology and the potential of sand as a storage medium have been demonstrated in the UAE.

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