Communication in the smart grid - Enable IoT for all types of utility assetsMulti-services gateways are critical components for the digitalization of power grids and cities.
Innovative microgrid solutions help address a real-world challengeThe microgrid is being viewed as the enabler of quicker access to reliable electricity in Africa
“Nuclear is South Africa’s only answer to its energy crisis”Nuclear has to form South Africa’s base load if it wants to avoid an even bigger energy crisis.
Brexit and UK and Europe’s energy sectorsEngerati doesn’t foresee a major shift in current UK energy policy in the long term.
Global electric vehicle outlook – four perspectivesApproximately 1.26 million electric vehicles were on the world’s roads by the end of 2015.
The rewards of successfully monetising the IoTRevenue associated with IoT is related to more sophisticated monetization opportunities
Week in smart metering - A change in nameIs a rose by another name still a rose, asks Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International?
Bitcoin payment gaining in popularityBitcoin usage is starting to gain interest in the electricity sector, writes Sasha Bermann, EU Advisor, Danish Agency for Technology.
Tesla seeks to become first ‘vertically integrated energy company offering end to end products’Tesla CEO Elon Musk has floated an offer to acquire cousin Lyndon Rive’s SolarCity.
Enabling Energy Industry Transformation through Big Data, Analytics and the IoTEnergy Internet of Things are turning utilities into managers of flexible energy resources writes Dr. Amit Narayan is the CEO of AutoGrid Systems
Power trading to drive southern African electricity landscapeMost countries in southern Africa face power shortages requiring imports from those with excess capacity.
Africa’s energy sector -Open for adventurous investorsAfrica’s utilities and experts talk openly about the continent’s challenges and opportunities at African Utility Week.
Decarbonising homes – the UK challengeThe Smart Systems and Heat programme is developing products and services to decarbonize UK homes.
Smart metering requirements in emerging marketsSmart grid, with smart metering as its major building block, is the way forward for emerging markets, says Amir Hajimiragha, BBS Access.
10 tenets of a smart city10 tenets enable tomorrow’s thriving cities, writes Russ Vanos, VP of sales and marketing for global software, services and smart cities, Itron.
Asia’s energy experts share their views liveAsian Utility Week provided a platform for Asia’s energy professionals to share their views of the changes occurring in the region’s energy sector.
Power line communication for smartsWork on PLC is creating a flexible solution for the tool kit, write Jean Philippe Faure and Jim LeClare.
China’s long term plans take the global wind market to new heightsAfter increasing its installed capacity, China now aims to shift its focus from scale expansion towards quality and efficiency.
The rise of the microgridIndia proposes to install 10,000 renewables based microgrids and minigrids in the next 5 years.
PG&E drops $192 million transmission projectClean distributed energy resources translate into a reduced utility investment in infrastructure and savings for consumers.

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