SDN for utilities – what you need to knowSoftware-defined networking (SDN) is a new way of building and operating communications networks.
Week in Smart Metering-IoT and Big Data opportunitiesRose Bundock, Content Editor of talks about how a power generation equipment maker sharpens its big data skills.
Squirrels, Grid Security and a Stuffed RuddNick Hunn, Engerati member explains how taxidermy could save the UK grid.
Networking the Internet of ThingsThe Starfish wireless network has been launched by Silver Spring Networks for the Internet of Things.
Gas - An energy renaissance that Europe shouldn’t ignoreGreen Gas has a key role to play in Europe’s decarbonisation and future energy mix.
Constellation helps customers realise energy management goals (cost effectively)Utility’s energy management solution enables commercial customers to combine energy supply purchases with efficiency measures.
Invest in the right technologies to support your smart grid roadmapRegis Vautrin, Schneider Electric’s Utility Advanced Solutions Business Development Director discusses grid management challenges and solutions.
A holistic approach to cybersecurity management and complianceUtilities should ‘think top down’ and implement an integrated and plant-wide approach to cybersecurity.
Energy suppliers: Differentiate and go-faster-to-market with your campaigns and promotionsA flexible discount function, in conjunction with personalisation and relevancy, will take the utility-customer relationship to the next level.
Baltimore Gas and Electric To Pilot MicrogridsBaltimore Gas and Electric has proposed testing microgrids at two Maryland locations.
M2M and IoT – Ubiquitous connectivity guaranteedAn open roaming SIM meets the requirement for 24/7 connectivity with smart meters and other smart grid devices.
Week in Smart Metering-Preparing the right skills IT minors could close some of the skills gaps in the utility industry, writes Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
Securing The Smart HomeThe termination of the Revolv home hub raises questions about ownership of smart home products.
SunEdison’s bankruptcy –Not a reflection of solar marketsSunEdison’s dizzying expansion rate and poor business acumen is the reason for its bankruptcy.
East Africa’s Energy Sector Attracts InvestmentEast Africa’s need for energy development is attracting investment but are they really ready to do business?
Internet of Things (IoT) in the Utility Market is Big BusinessThe demand for IoT in the utility sector can be largely attributed to the increase in operational efficiency with less infrastructure investment.
Tesla Model 3 – The ‘Apple’ of EVsInterest in Tesla’s Model 3 has exceeded expectations but will it disrupt the EV market?
California’s Advanced Energy Sector BoomsEmployment figures in California show that the advanced energy industry is growing faster than most other long-standing industries.
Week in Smart Metering - The Future of the Energy SectorHow are utilities driving their businesses into the future, asks Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International?

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As our Electricity Grid Systems continue to evolve with the integration of advanced Hardware, Software and Communication technologies into the overall system, we see the rapidly advancing efforts

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Fri 06 May 2016

Energy Trading in Eastern Europe requires specialist knowledge.

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Tue 10 May 2016

The role of the infrastructure developer in the African Power sector is set to change as more countries set their eyes on long term objectives from projects and IPPs.

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Tue 10 May 2016

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