NZ’s legislation blocks energy sector innovation and customer choiceNew Zealand electricity retailers call for a level playing field for emerging technologies.
Apple to sell renewable energyApple Energy has been granted the right to sell energy and ancillary services to US wholesale markets.
Viewing waste as another energy resourceWhile the microbial fuel cell market is still in the ‘very initial stage of commercialization’, the potential is wide ranging.
Nine learnings from Grid4EUThe Grid4EU project has provided nine key takeaways for large-scale smart grid deployment.
Making wave energy bankableA new innovative wave energy solution could bring about a commercial breakthrough for the wave energy sector.
UK energy policy-now officially RUDDerless…Nick Hunn, Engerati member, gives us his version of the UK smart meter update.
Mobile brings utility services to 2 million underservedMobile technology is proving its value in bringing energy and other utility services to underserved communities.
Home energy management – realizing the smart meter revolutionEnergy displays and apps have complementary roles for home energy management, writes Simon Anderson, chief strategy officer, geo.
Smart meter rollout failure-when technology is not to blameDoes Victoria’s government have a real plan in place to help consumers see the benefit of using smart meters?
Clean energy giving Asia’s population a clean boostDecentralisation and renewable energy are major opportunities for Asia especially when it comes to access, sustainability and cost effectiveness.
Week in smart metering - Innovation fuels growthA 'pre-spring' spring clean for Metering & Smart Energy International, writes editor Claire Volkwyn.
Carbon capture and storage a global priorityTo meet COP21 targets requires the large scale deployment of carbon capture and storage.
China eyes Greece’s power sectorChina snaps up opportunities in Greece’s power sector as part of its global investment strategy.
Tesla gets SolarCityAgreement has been reached for Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity for US$2.6 billion.
The world’s first clean energy marine terminal to be developed in LAXPort of Los Angeles will be a proving ground for how technologies can cut emissions and improve energy resiliency at marine terminals.
A future power system architecture for BritainNew capabilities are required to enable Britain’s power system to respond to the challenges of the energy trilemma.
Smart grid development in SpainThe Spanish Technology Platform for Electricity Networks of the future, FUTURED, brings together smart grid stakeholders.
Africa’s operational efficiency still largely untappedThrough operational efficiency, Africa’s utilities can significantly increase their generation levels, reduce network losses and increase revenue.
Billing and customer care in competitive energy retail marketsBilling and customer care solutions need to be chosen wisely by utilities if they are to compete in a highly competitive market.
A second line of defence for the energy sectorThe transformation of the energy sector is being driven by changing business strategy and cybersecurity is being prioritised.

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